Diversity that is indiaUNTO MY FRIENDS

Although initially as the address bar suggests, I intended to dedicate the blog entirely to travels, but at the moment idea changed, deciding that I shall write about common man’s experiences, including mine, as it stores in the course of day to day living. It is political, social economic and sometimes as the common man do–about visit of places of tourist interest to recharge them for the rest of the week/year -quite bizarre mix indeed! I don’t deny. But all of us are generally are like that when we are not serious as at gun-point.

Here I talk my mind wild, it could be to people in flesh and blood physically–opining on anything, fighting to establish mine, but at a time when people do not have time to listen where I, that too a retired Govt servant at 65 ( don’t cast me down, I am proud of my age ) would get one to talk my mind-out all those assertions ?? this blog is a sort of rescue. Therefore what I write is not guided by any standard, may be most of the time it will not reach your standard/ or expectation .

Moreover, it is safer to talk in the cover of the blog because the reader being far-off can not shoot me down with his argument which very well he could do, if instead, I would talk to him face to face–I am sure I can save my Face(book).  Also, if –most likely , finding it not worth his valuable time to spend on me, will soon click away to other sites/pages, both way  I am safe. Further, I do not have many readers,  there has been only 1530 visitors. So friend,  it looks I am safe, also you are, now move on to read me -of course, if you will.

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