After slamming ‘Chhath’, Raj Thackeray accepts invite for chat. ( from TOI)

Democracy is the best form of Govt, where leaders get position and their livelihood , and by extension many other things, from the votes given by citizens. If voters are unhappy with the leaders, they wont be there anymore. Raj had done many unfair and illegal thing to the north Indians, trampled their rights what constitution guaranteed them. Votes have made him to amend what various institutions of the society, could not…….. Now, 2019 election is knocking at the door, Raj require vote, he has come to appease Chhath puja devotees. It looks democracy–however deficient in quality, has its uses to cure many ills. In this respect TOI report reproduced here, which may come up for use as references in future. Its educative also.

———————-After Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray announced that he would be visiting Ayodhya on November 25, his cousin and has accepted an invitation from the Uttar Bharatiya Maha Panchayat   , a social outfit of the north Indian community, for an interactive session with representatives of the community in Kandivli on December 2. Raj’s acceptance of the invite was made public by MNS general secretary Sandeep Deshpande in a tweet on Monday.

Vinay Dube, national president of the Maha Panchyat in his letter to Raj Thackeray stated that a few leaders were trying to fuel clashes between the Marathi ‘manoos’ and the north Indian community in order to draw political mileage. The aim of the interactive session was to clear the air among both communities in order to maintain social harmony and understand the views of the MNS chief on north Indians, Dube stated in the letter.

The move is being seen as MNS’s bid to shed its antinorth Indian image and woo non-Marathi voters ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha and assembly polls, especially after the rival Sena’s chief Uddhav decided to press for the Ram temple in Ayodhya by visiting the temple town.

Mumbai Regional Congress Committee president Sanjay Nirupam demanded that Raj Thackeray first apologise to the north Indian community for attacks on its youths in the recent past. Raj Thackeray’s supporters had beaten up north Indian youths in Kalyan when they had come to attend railway board exams in November 2003. At that time Raj was in the Shiv Sena. Later, as MNS chief, he strongly opposed the ‘chhat puja’ organised in the city. In another incident, MNS cadres had beaten up taxi drivers from the north Indian community in Dadar in 2008.

The MNS’s latest move was just an attempt to gain political traction ahead of elections, claimed Uttar Bharatiya Sangh, another social outfit of north Indians. “The event is nothing but an attempt at fulfilling political ambitions. Interacting with a few people would not help to change the MNS’s image from the minds of members of the north Indian community. The Maha Panchyat does not represent the entire north Indian community. People will not accept the MNS,” said Sanjay Singh, president of the Uttar Bharatiya Sangh’s Yuva Morcha.















Yesterday I attended the Vijaya sanmilani of Milan Mancha at the Kalpataru club house adjacent to MIG cricket club in Bandra East. The venue, strategically located for the convenience of members to attend, was arranged by Renu Swamy couple, like they had done  last year. It was a compact 4 -hours happy gathering of the members of Milon mancha, primarily, it was a cultural meet exchanging good wishes after Durga puja, followed by song, dance, drama etc where children also participated in a major way. There were many artists from many fields to perform–mentioning there name individually will eat up all the space here, naturally that is not my intention here in the interest of brevity. only a few of those present actually performed because of paucity of time. Rudra Mondal rightly said many of our artist-members are so popular that they alone can carry a program single handed whole night successfully.  Not to be surprised, many are nationally  known, one is even PADMA SHREE awarded. Some of our artists  often give international performances. Do you want to be on-board next time? if you are of like mind and have innovative idea on travelling, you are very much welcome, in fact, MM is long in search for you, please contact Sri Rudra Mondal at Milon Mancha…………………………………… Program started at 6.00pm, and I left after dinner at 11.00 pm.


Primarily credit  goes to Rudra Mondal and Sharmistha, they created the platform Of MM wherein they pulled in, such accomplished artists from all fields. This platform is gradually becoming the centre-stage, of all like-minded cultured Bengalees in Mumbai. I am grateful to Shivaji Sanyal–actor, poet, writer, model, author, a multi-disciplinary man, who referred me here, but for whom I could not have made accessed to this bunch of wonderful, and magnificent set of people.

With the lasting impression I returned home at around 1.00 am in the night. LONG LIVE MILON MANCHA!!!!!!

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Way to cross the life’s crowded Roads (!!!???###)


It is a big bad world, and this man, perhaps from long and bitter experience found out a way , how to live in this world, and applied it to cross the crowded city road. Does this point out to us the real art of living in this complex unfair world?. Very difficult to say. Many will have many opinions. It stokes me into thinking to find the correct answer. Hope, those of you read it, will give your opinion. I have seen how wealthy, well-educated , highly placed people, resorts to corruption, without any compunction. Don’t write them off , those are in no way mean people, they enjoy social position; you may like or don’t like them , you can’t say anything on their face, if you dare otherwise , you will pay the price and that through your nose….. those are fiercely manipulative people, can make you — the innocent,  maligned with the guilt projected from their own!!!!! IS IT THE TRICK TO SUCCESS?

Listen to an un-success story. Syed  Mujtaba Ali, a great literary giant in Bengali literature, was talking to Shankar, a much junior writer, but widely acclaimed in Bengali literary, intellectual circle. I should mention some details here, that will make the context clear–Mujtaba Ali was not awarded any coveted prize till then, but relatively lesser writer, Shankar, got many such prizes by then. Shankar, out of respect to the writer, Mujtaba Ali, enquired how an insignificant writer like himself, could get so many awards, while giants like Ali, did not get any. In reply, what Ali said, was quite significant. He told an anecdote in that connection– that  a small rat and a an elephant were waiting at the side of a muddy land at the center of which there was clear potable water, both were thirsty, the rat  sprinted over the mud quickly , quenched its thirst, and returned satisfied.  But the elephant as soon as  put his leg on the muddy land to quench his thirst, sank into the mud due to its heavy weight, died. Conclusion is that in this dirty muddy world the good people are often ignored. Thus, behind many successes, there are many dirty muddy stories. Perhaps my young man in the video learnt the dubious trick.



Drinking Amul-milk, is safe ???

It  is a common knowledge that non-branded Milk that we consume, is adulterated, with detergent and other adulterants. Only a few days back, in Mumbai, a truck load of milk was seized, and found to be containing undesired elements. This milk was destroyed. It was reported that the said milk , on consumption, may damage your heart, kidney.

Periodically, we hear this news of severe milk adulteration. Every time I become scared, worry that the Amul milk, I consume daily–what about this??–is this also contaminated ??? not wholly impossible in our corruption ridden society. I love to believe chances are less in the case of Amul, or such High class brand, which under the leadership V. Kurien, brought the white revolution in India.

Once Before when I confronted a news of milk adulteration, I connected the PRO of Amul Milk dairy in Gujrat, to know whether there milk was OK. They denied, but I told them they should in the face of such reports of adulteration, should periodically, inform the public about their maintenance of right quality, which will remove fear from the mind of crores of people like me who are consuming Amul milk, daily, believing that it is really nutritious and safe. They did not care. Have you ever seen Amul-milk, ever done such program?? In the midst of spate of reports of widespread milk adulteration, Amul keeps mum. Does this mean Amul has nothing to say ?……. if so, there is room for doubt.

I shall send my article to the mail ID of Amul milk manufacturers in Gujrat. If you–the reader, are convinced by my argument, I request you also to ask Amul to periodically, make TV programs to assure us that  their milk is safe.

Thanking you for reading my blog.



Heads are rolling, Nana patekar, Aloke nath, M J Akbar. Many , many others are trickling in, soon those will pour in like a heavy shower. M. J. Akbar has come back from his foreign tour, and resigned also by this time. Everyday newspapers are carrying the news , revealing new names who used power, to exploit sexually women placed junior to them. Exploitation of women by men, sexually, is not a new thing, it has been happening from time immemorial, in one form or the other, and I for one do not think, it will ever stop, in the known set ups. Undoubtedly, these sexual exploitation, takes away self respect and dignity of living and freedom from the life of women. Ideally, at least,in a democratic set-up these should not occur.
I recommend a political party may be formed under #ME TOO. Their agenda should be formed, and well publicized. There may be debates, bringing in all sorts of points, opinions, suggestions regarding sexual vulnerability of women and remedial actions. As half of us, are women, response to such political parties will be fierce from all classes…….and if everything goes well as per present expectation, such parties will come to power, and take remedial action.
It may so happen alternatively that such debates will take us nowhere, and people will not talk of it anymore. Conclusion is that when God created human being, left an unfinished task intentionally, wished us to continue to search for it. So far only affected women were protesting bringing in allegation against men. Now, from opposite sides defamation cases being filed, and nos are increasing. A section of women are raising their voice against this # ME TOO. American president used his position to sexually use his assistant Monica lewinsky, now his wife, Hillary Clinton, is defending him saying it was not a case of abuse of power. Wives of accused are filing suits against those making allegation. Many women are started talking about this, one such is given below from today’s TOI. I am sure such objections will rise. Friend, please read the report in TOI —
At a time when the #MeToo movement is shaking up gender dyna ..
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Bangla bandh on 26.09.2018, and 3 deaths.

Bengal had bandh yesterday. Two students died in Islampur in Bengal. It is a planned game of political parties. Common people, especially the poor , is the instrument of political parties to achieve power.

……….  It is true we blame political parties for many things but I know very well without them country can not run. To hold and administer the country you need a Govt and that Govt is formed by the political parties—–in that sense , you need a Govt, and to form a Govt you need political parties. These are evils, necessary evils indeed.

There are are worldly interests in it . Once you are there you enjoy power, and the material possession that comes with power.  Due to imperfect practice of democracy, almost any misdeed you do going  there, you can escape with impunity. Even this cannot be said, as nobody reads me I am safe. All political parties vie with one another to be there. To get attention of the public and harvest voters, they do all sorts of acrobatics–it may be moral, immoral , ethical, unethical– everything, only words and interpretation will enthrone them.

To get public attention, they make happen events that will set public into motion. There were two students died in Islampur. I think there was a language issue initially, later worked up, that led to fighting in public which led to the death of two students. With death, a bigger issue created, which in turn led to bandh, a still bigger issue. And bandh led to burning of bus and human bleeding, and then set of debates and endless events that will set the future chain of events…… Everything will calm down as soon as the last vote is cast for 2019 General election, even they won’t waith for the result.

All those  above creates an effective medium for political parties. It is not bad, but only thing bad is the price the people , in this case, death of innocent school students from poor families pay. There was another death, this was of a shop keeper. In this just concluded political violence everybody gained except the poor people. Political parties tested their strength–the stronger fight in the form of more violence this time indicates BJP gaining strength, I guess there will soon be more bandhs by BJP in WB. TV channels also doing brisk business. Whole day they are showing dead bodies of two students with their relatives wailing. It breaks my heart to see mother of these boys are crying but helpless because other channels also show the same thing. All these work up the public ,and political parties are encouraged to call more violence, make happen more deaths etc etc.. These are instruments for them to remain in public attention.

It is the poor, half fed, unfed pay the price. Rich, educated who understands own well being don’t participate in it. They observe from far, it’s not that such violence they dislike, they enjoy the warmth of sort. Here, education is the culprit. If the people who died were educated, well fed, had higher standard of living, I am sure they would not be there to die. We can save our people from being used by political parties by making them educated. I am sure political parties do not like to educate them. They will talk of virtues, but never will want that the poorest and backward, become really educated. I have seen how the poorest of the poor, without food, shelter and water, are divided among political parties, and fighting among themselves to uphold the raw interest of political parties and in many cases, in the process they are not able to visit their homes for fear of political parties controlling those areas. I shall be happy only then, when all of our people become educated and behave as responsible political party supporters like those in European countries. With such responsible voters , political parties will not resort to bad deeds like this.



This particular homeopathic medicine has a great significance for me, for, this liberated my wife from a long drawn headache, that she suffered. Time was 1981, I was then working in ordnance factory Shahjahanpur, an unknown and unfamiliar place. For the first time I came out of my home state then and to make matters worse, my skill in any language other than my mother tongue–Bengali, was deplorably poor. Hindi, I did not know, which you cannot complain against because it is the national language; about English–speaking was difficult, even with tremendous difficulty, I could manage to speak some Benglish which was not enough for a comfortable communication for a gentleman, in a distant place from home  in a different culture.

In such a background, my wife was suffering from a long drawn headache, later on I came to know that in doctors’ vocabulary it as migraine. I took her to an allopathy-doctor, he prescribed for her eye testing, vitamins, and some others I do not remember now. Her eyes were tested, new specks were taken, medicines were swallowed. There was no improvement. I  then moved to  another doctor, then another, then another, then another…, but her headache did not improve. Net result was she continued to suffer. Every family man knows well that if anybody in the family falls sick, it is not he or she alone, rather whole family suffers– that too being away from home, outside the home state, for the first time, with poor command on the local language. I was actually direction-less.

I heard all my life in Kolkata, that  homeopathy, unlike, allopathy  treats  deseases by studying symptoms; operation or any other invasive methods are not required. I bought a homeopathic Meteria Medica, and started studying from cover to cover. Technical names of deseases, human organs, and many other terms and phenomenon, were not understandable to me, but at least I understood the physical and mental symptoms. On repeated studying the Meteria Medica, I understood that most of the symptoms  tallied with those mentioned under ONOSMODIUM. I understood this was my medicine. But then I had something more to do i.e deciding potency. I had no idea which to select among–30, 200, 1000, 1M……… I then asked a knowledgeable man explaining my position, as to what could be the potency to select, at this he advised me to start with 30 potency, and I did. As I did not have the required knowledge, whatever I heard from anybody, that was  OK .I bought a dram of ONOSMODIUM-30 in globules.

Next bout of migraine started, and applied the globules with a little bit trepidation,…lo!!! her migrain gone very very very quickly, in a matter of say 10 minutes. But then started doubting–it is me or something else. She was OK, but I was eager it comes to her again–yes, it came nearly 15 days after. This time, I allowed to grow her migraine, when it was extreme not anymore bearable, then I applied my homeo medicine–ONOSMODIUM 30,  this was my surprise for the second time. Pain is again gone. Now, I am sure I cured my wife’s migraine with homeopathic medicine onosmodium-30, which one after other doctor failed to cure. It was a great, great satisfaction for me, then I bought at least 15 homeo books. It is not my intention to give impression here that without systematic study you can replace a professional doctor, who have professional degrees. Please have respect for them.








Don’t be pumped up by facebook ‘like’s


Many are obsessed with ‘like’s in face book page. Although some are obsessed with sending, receiving,  planning and grouping over these ‘ like’s and other comments of approval, these are sheer meaningless exercise. ‘like’ does not mean the like  of the reader, it is only a befooling HR exercise, just they do not like to offend the writer, and nothing more, or , at best, you can say they do not like to discourage .  Many click ‘like’ even without reading the post in facebook.

In serious cases, the ‘like’, will be supported by proper reasoning, but mostly no reasoning is given because no reasoning for ‘like’ is there, to communicate. In all probability, many might not have read your material at all before giving their ‘like’s. In my blog, I often get a like from a person who cannot read at all, he locates me by my photo, and he is the first to give me the ‘like’. YET THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE ADDICTED TO THIS ‘LIKE’.


Only artificial intelligence can ensure right public service, and healthcare in India, weighed down by its 130 crores , mostly deprived people.

  As for me, I am obsessed with application of AI in all aspects of public service and healthcare in India. Almost nothing is perfectly in position. I do not blame our authorities for it, they are brilliant people. It is the sheer number what is at the root of all problem. It is a country of 130 crore people. It is an unmanageable number in a democratic set up.

Go to a municipality office, you will see an unwilling clerk is attending a huge number of tax-payers desperately waiting for  service; go to a bank branch, you will see a group customers waiting and the counter man has no time to look up to his customers; go to a hospital where a long queue of patients writhing in pain, waiting for the doctor impatiently; go to a police station to lodge a complaint against local hooligan, your ordeal starts . The list is endless. It is a story of multitudes, its a story of want, negligence, deprivation, inefficiency, and ignorance. Resources widely fall short of demand.

In view of above, we need to introduce AI which may help to meet the gap. In this connection , I have collected an article on AI , and reproduced below, in sharing with you all. Please read on.This article says how introduction of AI in healthcare can help us.

[[[A closer look at how AI works; how it can be integrated into the current healthcare delivery mechanism of the country and what are some of the other challenges AI faces in this space.

Artificial Intelligence(AI). A concept which has recently entered India and is slowly making its mark in various sectors and services. Healthcare startups along with hospitals are in the process of integrating AI into their workplaces to optimize the healthcare services delivery. This piece addresses two main questions – How do you integrate AI in the sector; how does one trust AI to do the right job?

Before we get about answering these two questions, it becomes essential to know what AI is and how it planned on being used in the healthcare services space.


In a country like India where the doctor-patient ratio is in a horrible state (1:1700 as opposed to 1:1000 per WHO standards), AI can take the country’s existing healthcare delivery and further accelerate the process. In fact, AI is the only thing which can bridge the inequalities in this sector. AI will also be paramount in processing large volumes of cases and data, allowing more immediate, effective healthcare delivery. For eg, AI is capable of figuring out which will be the next seasonal epidemic and effectively dealing with this situation. It can scour through all oncology journals and combine the research to come up with an actual cure for cancer.

In addition, the current world revolves around data. Medical data is a crucial part of online data and increasingly more people often google their symptoms expecting credible results. Another factor to keep in mind is the fact that AI and Deep Learning is becoming a central point for most of today’s innovation in the technology space and healthcare data is a part of this phenomenon too.


“We are taking healthcare beyond the boundaries of hospitals and specialized clinics, and augmenting doctors with our artificially assisted technology. We currently work with hospitals to assist their physicians in diagnosing diseases, and also with providing new patients,” says Pradeep Walia, co-founder of Artelus. His team adds “As part of our focus on screening we filter out people who are healthy and only send the ones that need medical care, thus reducing the burden on the healthcare system through unwanted tests and diagnostics. We provide a complete screening solution which can be easily integrated with hospital/clinic’s infrastructure. Any hospital staff or medical assistants can effectively use it to screen patients.”

Artelus is just one company within this tech-cum-medical AI space. Many such companies exist in the country and several others get added to the list each year. Sigtuple, another AI healthcare company is involved in helping the healthcare delivery process by making it easy to perform blood tests and more. “The solution for blood, Shonit™, has already undergone three clinical trials and will be soon available for user adoption followed by commercials. Other solutions are in the advanced stages of development,” says Rohit Kumar Pandey, Co-Founder, and CEO of SigTuple.

There are several others players in this space. A key challenge in this space would be to integrate AI into the existing hospital infrastructure. One can only assume that the upper echelon of hospitals adopt these technologies and start a trickle-down effect. In addition, as this sector becomes increasingly mature, companies which cater to the small/personal setup healthcare clinics using AI will become increasingly common.


“This is a very nascent and emerging field, and it is natural to be skeptical about it. We envisioned that, and have always emphasized the usage as a doctor assistance, or a virtual assistant to the doctor, thus increasing the doctors’ productivity, allowing them to see more patients, faster. And also to help them be more accurate with our tools as a second opinion tool.” the Artelus team has to say. But before all thumbs up are given, it becomes essential to look at the stakeholders in healthcare services to figure out if AI has a space in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

The three key stakeholders are patients, doctors, and engineers. AI technology must achieve a check mark from all three.

Let’s take a look at engineers first. Most engineers trust artificial intelligence to perform a good job. Quoting examples of Apple’s ‘SIRI’ or Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, engineers have collectively been at the helm of developments in the AI space. Using data-driven methods such as deep learning, engineers stand firmly by AI. “AI learns only what we teach it to learn. Specialised AI programming for healthcare and other industries will be the gateway for the future. In fact, I believe they will mark the calendar date where Earth has an explosion of data. When talking about trust, it becomes essential to understanding learning. Teaching AI to do particular tasks is the same as teaching children multiplication. It takes time to trust the kid to do multiplication which has global effects. The same holds true for AI.” says Srinidhi R, engineer at 42hertz” who adds,  “How does one trust humans to do the right job anyway? Humans are more capable of making errors based on their fatigue levels, stress levels, emotional levels and how they want to see their career grow; AI isn’t limited by this.”

Next, doctors. AI needs to be a proven technology before doctors give their trust to it. Unlike engineers, who might be happy with a 97% success rate, doctors cannot take this risk. 3% of failure in getting exact results is extremely detrimental to medical practices and can have grave circumstances on 3% patients. However, it must be pointed out that these errors can occur from a human being too. Another key point, AI does not aim to replace or displace doctors from medical practices. This is impossible from both a machine and human viewpoint. 

AI is merely present to enhance doctor skill, diagnosis practices and help treat a patient in a more wholesome manner. Not just that AI will help reduce the number of cases that come to hospitals. It is estimated that over 90% accidents happen due to human errors; automating driving will reduce the hospital strain and resources on accident and trauma victims by roughly the same factor.

The last, and the most unique of these subsets, patients. Patients, unlike doctors and engineers, in most cases, have next to no idea about how either medicine or AI works and they make-up the biggest section of the stakeholders in this ecosystem. Due to misinformation, skepticism and the various challenges associated with the dissipation of technology, patients will be the hardest to convince in terms of AI benefits. Another big challenge associated with patients, is that they are going to spend the least time with AI. Convincing someone of the benefits of items they rarely interact with is absurdly complicated and challenging. Patients would much rather have their surgery performed by a human beings, humans that breathe and move and have the innate ability to get untimely cramps. A machine in this situation, is much more trustworthy and reliable at dissipating the right kind of treatment.

To sum up, one thing is clear, AI will have a noticeable impact on healthcare delivery. The extent to with which it will penetrate this space is unclear but it is definitely going to make it easier to minimize the problems that comes with a 1:1700 doctor-patient ratio. Another thing that can be said with certainty is that AI isn’t restricted to just the medical end; it has many other applications in healthcare space including record management, treatment scheduling, precision medicine, drug creation, patient communications and even facility design. It will, by all means, promote more empathy and human connect as machines will take over certain sub-sections of each jobs allowing more time for interpersonal relationships to develop. With all these possible application, AI is definitely going to be a game changer in the healthcare space. Time and technology will tell if the game is changed for the good or the bad.]]]



Safety and dignity of passengers in the Indian Railway vis-a-vis repeated theft.


I am not to reveal anything exciting because what I suffered in the Rail is familiar to many many people from their own experience. People even don’f complain because they do not have confidence in Govt machinery. All have a store of their bitter experiences from direct incidents of their life .I want tell one of my experience about a train journey.
I boarded Train for my journey to Mumbai on 21.10.2016 from Howrah station, the name of the train was Howrah Mumbai Express, Train no was 12810, coach AC 1 15. Train was packed, usual pantry car staff and police as security guards, were all seen doing their rounds. Coach attendant was also present . Suddenly, in the next morning I woke up at about six in the morning to the alarm raised my wife , and other passengers, that our baggages were stolen. There was an uncommon medicinal smell in the coach. What is surprising in a coach of 72 passengers, all were in deep sleep. It was thought later that most likely that sleeping drug was sprayed sending us to unconscious sleep, making it convenient for the thieves to take out luggage from deep inside under the lower birth seat, my wife in her cautiousness placed the costly suitcase hidden at the far end behind other passenger’s luggage. None of us could be aware of taking out of the luggage by the thieves in the process, in our unconscious sleep under the influence of spayed drug. Total seven passengers lost their luggage through this theft. Quite surprisingly, none of the coach attendant, security guards, bedding supplying man, pantry men could be located , all of us running from end to end of the coach in desperation. Some of those must have been involved in thr theft.
Passengers were angry of the physical loss and insecurity. Some of the passengers telephoned to private channels like ABP ananda, 24 Ghanta etc. These channels did a great job, they talked to us live on the channel, contacted various Railway authorities, even Rail Ministry, everybody assured us that guilty would be punished, we would be compensated. Channels did a great job, for some channel it was day’s most important news. Awakened, a lot of men—Rail staff in civil and uniform came and enquired about the loss from us, a police troupe came and noted down details and got us signed, and assured us FIR will be lodged in Bilaspur PS. Out of 7 Passengers who lost the luggage, four did not show any interest to report saying that it was going to be a futile exercise. But I was pumped up with enthusiasm, that something would happen ultimately, our goods would be found out or else, compensation would be paid. Suddenly I started feeling I am an important man and thought good of our Govt. Now when I look back I realize it was only childish on my part, my temporary euphoria amidst loss of belongings later died down. All these police actions after the loss and their assurances in this connection was only a packaging without any content, on discovery of the same this filled me with frustration and hopelessness, cursing the self that we are unfortunate to be born as Indian. We do not have the dignity of living. If this is the condition of educated man travelling a AC class, what must be the condition of the multitudes totally uncared for living in far flung places. India exists in two levels, one is rich and corrupt who enjoy everything good in this world, and the other level is poor, half fed, unfed and deseased, they are born unnoticed, die unnoticed, remains uncounted during entire life.
A few days after reaching home I lodged my grievance in the PMO’s grievance redressal site, they forwarded my grievance to Bilaspur RPF police station because the crime primarily occurred in their jurisdction. After several reminder there was a reply after six months in the grievance site that Bilaspur police’s investigation was complete, the outcome of investigation was that they neither could catch the rogue , nor recover the Lost baggage—it was a foregone conclusion!!!!.
In reply to that I asked in the grievance site that now police acknowledged the loss, and their investigation could not recover the loss or catch the thief, I should now be paid compensation of Rs 40,000/- which at the time of first reporting was shown to be the value of my loss. Next, they informed in the site that they are not the compensation giving authority, I might approach the concerned authority—here they should have guided me by mentioning the name of the authority of the Deptt/Govt where I could next claim the related compensation. They kept mum as if compensation giving authority belongs to some other Govt of some other country on which they do not have control and they do not have the knowledge.
I then wanted to meet our Prime minister personally to apprise him the day- to -day suffering of common man in the hand of insensitive administration by citing my case. The reply was—“’ In completed details to passenger. Please submitted to complete details. “, must be the reply was given not more than a class IV staff. Any sensitive man will have a feeling that grievance redressal machinery at PMO office is not at all serious about your problem or intend to solve it at all, it is simply a window dressing, at its best it is an attempt to put up something looking good where there was none before. Differences amount to this only, nothing more; whereas on the ground we are dreaming that at last the man has come to deliver the Indians from the abysmal depth. In balance, I would like to say that this is the dignity we Indians live with. WHAT MUST MUST HAVE BEEN THE DIGNITY CITIZENS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES ENJOY!!!!! I….. I FEEL JELOUS OF THEM, AND YOU??.
12.jpg For information to my readers, my final submission to the PMO office is as follows—“ In this connection this is my last. I know your office will do nothing, still please read the disposal under ref at MORLY/E/2017/11738 dated 08.06.2017 in this site. Your office’s disposal done in a perfunctory manner. This is humiliating for any sensitive citizen, if I were born in a developed country-would it have been my fate?? You can understand the dignity with which we common Indians live. If this is the helplessness of an educated man, imagine what will be the kind of helplessness of the half- fed, unfed, deaseased, naked multitude Indians. My man-ki-baat is– can I be a citizen proud of my country with this treatment meted out to me ???? I know you are trying to change the country but administering a country of 130 crore people is Herculean.I have my support for you.




Modiji—Take note, your popularity is declining.

united we stand, devided we fall

Right now what is at the top of my mind is that you are no longer popular, if your indicators have not yet recorded it , it is not that I am wrong, rather, your studies and indicators are faulty. It is time you must set yout indicators  right. How the pilgrims to Amarnath temple have been killed ?. Definitely, your international diplomacy against terrorism, so called deep thought on revamping the security machinery, constant talk of new zeal in administration in fight against terrorism and all associated ills, have turned out a flop. You told us your dramatic surgical strike inside Pakistan, broke the backbone of terrorism, we were made to believe that there was the end of terrorism. Just look at the comments in the social networking sites,  you will see how blindly people was supporting and reposing your faith in you.

Today what we see. Terrorism continuing unabated, armed men comng across the border to kill our soldiers, their body being mutilated. Just think of their family, they are mostly from the poor families. Your surgical strike did not produce any respite to the people of India, all of whom are affected by now. I want to ask you, did surgical strike happened at all?  If they were killed then, how they are around now?? Or it was only a publicity stant.

It is the job of terrorists to create terror aided by our enemy, calculated to bring destruction to our country and people, and they are successful. So far thousands of our people maimed, killed, crores of wealth destroyed. Who knows how many more will die???? Now common citizen is so much scared that when they come out of home, they ponder if at all will they will return home safely? Does not this insecurity sapping their happiness??

But there is nothing to be astonished that enemy will damage us–they think destroying us is their religious duty. We can not fault them, they find a virtue in it, they have been programmed this way. Just blaming them and cursing them will not help. It is the duty of those guarding the nation to make arrangement so that such violence do not occur at all. This has not been done.

This is not alone, we undergone the hardship of demonetization believing that whatever you do must be good for the nation. You saw how all the nation became one through common suffering, whole nation was in queue in front of ATMs day and night, some of them succumbed to death, but there was no uprising against the Govt while going by the scale of it, it contained such a potential really. I was your whole hearted admirer argued in favour of your demonitisation whenever even a lone voice rose against you. What the nation have got out of demonitization?  Nothing clear.  But I supported demonitisation because you did it.

You brought in some element which Indians did not know before. Your policy have set one community against the other. I live an area where Hindu, Muslim  and Christians were living peacefully one with other. But now one suspects the other thinking the other is a potential threat. When men of one community chit chat, while any from other community pass by, immediately, discussion stops and topics of discussion switches….such is the level of confidence of one community on the other!!!!. This was not the situation earlier.  We saw talk of Sanskrit making compulsory subject, Geeta to be read by all, all should respect cow, and then atrocities of cow vigilantes against muslims. There is clear discrimination against muslims. This has damaged Indian society irreparably. India did never know it before. Truly there is a clear separation emotionally of the minority community from the majority—the fiber of the society is torn which was built over hundreds of years.

By emotionally isolating  Muslims we are inviting ISIS influence to India. One must understand the psychology of any minority, even if there is no hostility there exists a perceived discrimination already. Add to this the actual discrimination being perpetrated against Muslims now a days. Muslim put to in such a situation will search for  sympathy and security. This is a fertile ground for recruitment from across the border from Pakistan, and from ISIS who will do everything to win over these unhappy Muslims, this will strengthened the hands of Muslim terrorist. Nobody should make the Muslims threatened, they should be given the place they enjoyed traditionally in Indian society. I would go to the extent to say that Majority community has some responsibility, it is their duty to protect the minority and see to their safety. This is in the interest of Indian nation.

Modiji, whole nation knows you are different from others. Their confidence and love put you where you are. You are honest, your oratory makes you a hero to all Indians, although by this time economic progress is not evident yet it looks you will deliver goods to Indian economy and businesses ultimately. But see that no discrimination against Muslims will help India . At the time of closing the article, there is news that driver of the Bus carrying the pilgrims to Amarnath, Salim Mirza, a 37 years young muslim drove the bus skillfully and bravely 2km while bullets were showered on it, he could have easily stop and surrender the pilgrims to the terrorist, he did not. He risked and saved pilgrim’s life. If there is one bad muslim, there are hundreds good.



In Mumbai, monsoon is of epic quality, unless you drown yourself in it, you do’t know what it is.


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Today is a day in the second week of July, monsoon is in full swing in Mumbai. I am enjoying. In fact, for the whole year I wait for this season, and that is on us now. I am now in form for enjoying the great gift of the nature –the rain of Mumbai.

It rains for four months from june to September, and in july, it is most active. It rains continuously often for several days without any respite. Without water no human being can live, it is true everywhere but for Mumbai the story is a little bit different. True, all around there is water but it is salty and undrinkable, underground water is also salty. Here comes the heavy rain as the saviour, without it Present life in Mumbai would not have been sustainable.  Rain water is  collected in a number of lakes in and around  Mumbai city, and this water is supplied to households throughout the year. Fortunately, there is abundance of rain, enough for the requirement of people for Mumbai. This rain water is soft , cleans clothes and produce excess leather with soap, helps maintain whiteness of white clothes.

In real sense rain is abundant here. From June to September, we get heavy shower. Rainy season is a festival  time. asarasya prathama divashe –on the first day of rain, many willfully get wet to celebrate and welcome  rainy season. All enjoys rain, sometime it rains incessantly for days together without any stop. Although there is wide storm water drain everywhere which is cleaned before the onset of rain, by BMC readying for monsoon rain , yet within hours of heavy downpour make the roads waterlogged. Sky is often dark with black clouds, sea swells with high tide; beaches of Juhu, Marina, sea front at Worli  are  great sights to be seen and enjoyed. Thousands of people rush there amid heavy rains and high tides in sea, completely drenched, dancing and shouting. Some cannot control themselves in their enthusiasm to enjoy the waves of sea defying police restriction, and at times costing their life unfortunately.

Mumbai is a business city and commercial capital of the country, here many people from all over the country, come to earn their livelihood. Most of them  are hardworking ones, enrich the city, and themselves become successful. Local Marathi people are warm, friendly and cooperative. People do not miss a chance to enjoy every bit of rain. In the midst of incessant, torrential rain, people do not have any complaints—its common sight that people, wet and drenched to the skin, go about doing their regular work with a smiling face, having no complaints against rain.

It is in sharp contrast with my native Kolkata. During scorching summer they beg for rains but as soon as it comes, they start complaining against stagnant water, clogged drain and eager to say  good bye to it. Actually, I have observed there people are intolerant, impatient and mostly of complaining nature. A complaining man/ woman can never get success of highest order.

Coming back to rain, I like to say  whole of Maharashtra is enjoyable in rains. Tourists from the city visit hills and waterfalls of Lonavela, Khandala, Mahabaleswar, Ganapatipule and many other places—those are simply superb. Those have not enjoyed the beauty of it till now, may come to enjoy. It is unforgettable.



Given proper attention, tourism  can earn foreign exchange as much as IT does, or even more.


India has a tremendous potential for tourism, both in terms of geography and history. It is an important destination for the domestic and foreign tourists. There are desert, seas, hills and mountains—inhabited by people from diverse cultures, religions, languages, food habits wearing colourful costumes. Not this alone , look at our history from before Indus valley civilization through various reigns and kingdoms, their relics, monuments etc. What India projects as a single country to foreign tourist, a continent–say Europe, in its whole can not.  Even when our illiterate/ half-literate people colorfully attired goes to vote on foot or on the back of a camels is a sight  enjoyed by a foreigner.

Tourism is just not an event in isolation, it means a lot to our economy. In 2016, India Govt earned Rs 1,55,650 crores in foreign exchange from tourism. It contributes approx7%-directly and indirectly, as compared to 2% from mining and 7% from much touted IT outsourcing, to our GDP, and in direct and indirect way provides employment to approx 11% of our people. Tourisn brings business to cottage industries, agriculture, hotels etc.

But tourism potential has not been fully exploited. In spite of its size, India is 38th most visited nation in the world—8.89 million visitors received by continent-sized India in 2016 while 16.4 million received by city-sized Singapore. There is infrastructural problem, there are shortage of quality  hotels—above all there are acute security problem. Women tourists are not safe; often there are reports of rape. Judicial delays does not allow justice to be met in a reasonable time. All these damages the image of India, ultimately coming in the way of fully realizing the tourist potential. There is another sector which needs Govt attention. This is medical tourism. India has a huge no of efficient doctors and paramedic staff  as also some well equipped hospitals where patients from rich countries come and take medical treatment or undergo surgeries at much lesser cost than their own countries. This group of doctors and paramedical staff have worked in those developed countries, worked with sophisticated medical equipments for treating the patients. Those experiences will help them to treat the patients from developed countries at a much cheaper cost. Our Govt may create necessary infrastructure and improve law and order situation to attract foreign tourists. Thus, tourism as a whole can create a lot of wealth for the nation.





Shri Rudra Mondal , leader of Milon mancha, enjoying a ride on the beach of Ganapatipule.

Ganapatipule is a small town located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, some 375 km south of Mumbai, along the Konkan coast. It is a calm, quite and serene place inhabitated by a very small no of people. There is a Ganesh temple 400 years old, hence it is a place of pilgrimage for devout Hindus. In addition to its clean beach and clean waters, Ganapatipule is rich in flora, including mangroves and coconut palms.

At the top of the world

Shri Rudra Mondal of Four Banglas in Andheri, is almost a wanderer. All his life he was an avid traveller. His retirement from job, has added a big opportunity to travel frequently. He leads a team of like minded people who lose no opportunity to travel  as soon as they arrive.  Not only this he is a great photographer, for him photography is an art. All the photographs used in this blog post were snapped by him, If you enjoy the beauty of photographs, do not forget to give credit to him.



Almost 80Percent Of Milk In Maharashtra Is Substandard Says CGSI


A consumer sector NGO, Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) conducted an analysis on both branded and non-branded milk samples  in Maharashtra, and found that 80% of the milk are sub-standard. Brand include all brands, and the report have widely been reported in the press. It is important that chemical contamination, has not been tested—perhaps for obvious reason, that once chemical contaminants tested , result will not be any different and Brands will not have any place to hide their face. It is often reported that milks are mixed with detergents and chemicals to increase volume for sale.

Like you and many others, I consume milk; a hot cup of warm milk before going to bed. God knows what I am drinking, and to what consequences!!!, only time will tell, developed a sort of addiction. Forget about we old and adults, what will happen to our children and grand children ?? I shudder to think.

I strongly suspect Amul-milk is also sub-standard, and have chemical contaminants, and has the potential to damage our health. Being worried over such a feared prospect, I contacted customercare of amul milk at -[ Mail ID-milk@amul.coop, phone no—1800-258-3333], to have their reaction on my fear. They , as it happens, kept silent, but normally I am relentless: I kept on making calls at this above given telephone no.  At last an officer from their PR department responded. I asked him why in the face of widely reported milk contamination of both branded and non-branded milk in the media, they do not  have a say . My observation was that  they should protest vehemently establishing that Amul is not among the culprits. If one keeps mum, in the face of such widespread forceful accusations, only conclusion can be drawn that it is their own story also. I advised him to record my complaint, and forward it to their highest authority. I have not seen any such program in TV/ press denying that their milk is also, sub-standard and contaminated. All these point to the fact that amul milk do not maintain the Govt. prescribed standard. WHAT A FALL FROM KURIEN’S DREAM!!!!

There are prescribed institutions in the society and related laws and procedures, to catch the guilty and punish them, but those do not function for the masses, unlike the upper section of society. Common men’s problem is not their problem. They do not go to the same market, same hospital, same school, and use same transport. They are immune to the system we live in. Therefore, people guilty of adulteration and other similar things, will not be caught and won’t be punished. We common people have to live with it. There is no respite.

I understand that the account becoming longer and you might become impatient, but I am sorry unless I say a few more words, I cannot make the picture clear. Some six months back there was an alarming report from Kolkata. No civilised people can think of such thing. Dead animals thrown into dumping ground in a place called DHAPA, are secretly collected. Fleshes taken out of those in tons and quintals, surreptitiously, and supplied to hundreds of hotels, restaurants of the city and suburbs, which then consumed by common public. It is an organised industry. For how  many days this practice has been going on, nobody knows. There was a hue and cry initially against this ghastly act, but like everything else it died down. Last few days it is reported, that same thing has come up again that is, fleshes from dead animals from the dumping ground, are treated with chemicals and other means, later mixed with common fresh meat, and sold in the market, and then eaten by common unsuspecting people. This is the reliability of our institutions!!! Because they do not do their duty.

In this back ground, it is almost sure  that branded milk also are adulterated for exorbitant profit. Otherwise why Amul did not dare to come out openly to challenge, to prove to the world that their product conform to the Govt specification, unlike those sub-standard, and adulterated milk often reported in press and media.  I am going to send this article to — Mail ID-milk@amul.coop, or call at phone no—1800-258-3333 to express my concern.



Homeopathy–quackery and fraud?????–its sheer nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was listening to a TED talk under the subject title. The page carried the introduction as “Legendary skeptic James Randi takes a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills onstage, kicking off a searing 18-minute indictment of irrational beliefs. He throws out a challenge to the world’s psychics: Prove what you do is real, and I’ll give you a million dollars. (No takers yet.)”

I listened to the talk, you  may also listen for yourself, by clicking the above link. He strongly condemned all para normal and supernatural instances those we talk of, and at times, encounter on the streets; described those as be-fooling others and for making cheap money. Up to this I have no objection, but I have serious objection when he trashes Homeopathy as a whole. Whatever may be his reputation, I will say he does not have full knowledge of homeopathy. Although I am not  a Homeopathy doctor, I challenge his observation on Homeopathy. Homeopathy cures, I can provide evidence in support from my own experience, but it is true that advance guarantee can not be given that a particular homeo medicine, will cure certain diseases, with certainty as often happens with an allopathic medicine or surgery.

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I have a proof that homeopathy is a therapy, and it acts. Some 30 years back, my wife used to suffer from migraine, and no allopathy doctor, could cure her. I spent a lot on medicines and pathological tests. Next, being frustrated, myself a layman on the subject, studied a few books and applied ONOSMODIUM-30, she was cured like a magic in a few minuites. This gave me a deep conviction that –yes, it is therapy, real therapy at that. After this personal experience, should I believe anybody–however famous he may be, when he says homeopathy  is a quackery ?? I hope to write him a letter soon protesting his observation. Will you join me?? Thanks for reading.


Following the spate of report on wide-spread adulteration of milk, throughout India, I wrote an article in this blog, and sent it to the customer care, of Amul-milk, also. For some unknown reason, Facebook do not accept my posts. In my article, I asked Amul to to make programs and telecast regularly, so that public may know that Amul milk is free from adulteration. My point is appropriate, because Amul is a big brand, and consumed daily by millions: as I am one of them, hence my concern. Amul should remove doubts from the mind of consumers.

Amul authority contacted me today to explain their position, they asked me to visit their plant in Virar and Boiser, and see for myself, that their milk is really pure. I have not accepted their request, I wont go to their place, because this wont serve the purpose. It is not difficult for them to make a pure-lot which may not be representative of their total product. My concern is public health, not mine alone…………. Private news channels are showing day in day out, how the milk men are mixing detergent and other chemicals, to increase the volume of milk, to fill the shortfall , between what actually available from cows and buffaloes, and that actually consumed in India. How the gaps are met? certainly, from milk artificially made. In this back ground,  Amul has a responsibility to clear their image, by telling public , of the care they are taking to maintain their quality of milk. They also assured me that they will submit my demand to their higher authority, of the necessity of continuously apprising public their effort towards maintaining quality, through telecasting or press.

It is my habit to protest whenever there is irregularity in the system that I have been living in. Its true a lone person –that too a small and insignificant one like me, have limitations: not only that, there is risks associated with too much protesting in a deficient democracy like ours. For this no particular Govt is to blame, its that our society is like this, generally. It is same in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and African countries.  Actually, Institutions are not allowed to mature in developing countries. Moreover, Govt alone can not correct all the ills, citizens have a responsibility, they must protest wherever irregular things happen, and that should be in a non-violent way.  Continuous ,collective and repeated protests, will compel the Govt to take action. This is the duty of a responsible citizen, A GOVT IS AS GOOD AS ITS CITIZEN.

Another culprit is our defective education, a defective education, can not make responsible citizens having  courage to protest. A proper education only capable to create high moral values.  Children of any and every big man of our country , are sent to Europe for education, on completion of what they come back home to rule and function at a top position effectively.

Finally, many , many more should protest against unfair things, only then things will improve, our country will be a better place to live in. I AM HAPPY I  DO MY OWN WHEN SITUATION COME.


Before 1971 there was no Bangladesh, before 1947 there was no Pakisthan, it was India all the way round. It is a body part of India seeped in common culture. Since beginning, relationship between two nations, has seen many discords, three wars and many other day to day differences and accusations; the latest since 1990s, export of terrorism, as part of their state policy, to India. All these have made me hate Pakistan. Living in Mumbai, there is a constant fear of  threat from Pakistan sent terrorist.

Now a days by virtue of digitization, episodes of Pak Tv programs are available in you tube, and sometimes I get to see those. You may also check for your own, and any patriotic Indian will like it. I am amazed by the intelligence , and the fearlessness , of both the interviewer’s question and interviewee’s reply. Those are really  educative. Their Press/ media  are critical of their own Govt’s policies and failures; its misadventures against India, overt and covert support to the Pakistani terrorists against India. What Pakistani state denies about their helping terrorism against India, this and other TV programs openly admits of Pakistan’s active involvement, they criticize terrorists active in their own country. Often, they support India , even its PM, Modi, even though he is from a Hindu nationalist party. Pakistani press/ media, praises Modi’s foreign policy, economic policy, and his stature as a leader in the world stage, and often in comparison derides their own leader.  My thrust is on—how much independent and unbiased, is the Pakistani press!!!! I do not say that all their press and media is unbiased, but a sizable portion of them certainly, are.

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This is astonishing  for me. I wonder how the channels and those speak against the Pak Govt’s policies, sitting in studios of Pakistan , are not rounded up, and thrown into the jails , with trumped up anti-national charges?. At least, I have seen, rarely ever, anybody in our channels and press , talking so fiercely against our Govt, while, it is natural that in a complex and vast country like ours there are fields where our Govt really  fails and that may happen under Govt formed by any party……… I find that their journalism are more independent, and most of the cases are rational. They admit that their people come into Kashmir and foment trouble there, what really is the case.  It is not surprising if those people are  hounded out, and attacked, by those same terrorists who are criticized inside the studio.

Often questions pester me–how their press and media can be so rational, and so independent, in spite of their being in a failed and backward state. Some say our press and media are owned by our industrialists, like Tata, Birla, Goenka etc etc. If these press and media, criticize our Govt for any of its fault, then Govt may take retaliatory action which may harm their industry. This is the reason why our press and TV, cannot be unbiased and fearless, to ctiticise our Govt’s policies where due. In case of Pakistan, No industrialist controls there Press and media, therefore they have no fears like  ours’ have. This comment on our press might be true.

Sometime back I read a book–THE Z FACTOR, an autobiography of  Subhash chandra, the father of private television  and entertainment in India. He is the promoter of Essel / G-group . But initially he was a pauper , with Rupees 17 in his pocket from a Haryana village, started for Delhi to try his luck. After a lot of struggle, he found favour with Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, later replaced himself with Dhirendra Bramhachary as the nearest man to Gandhi family, this paved the way for getting licence for him, for Basmati export to Russia. This gave him a windfall profit for him, and started rising. He then started creating one after other industry,  from 17 ruppees in his pocket, to an empire of several thousand crores. All these is explained nicely in chapter 10, under ‘ A LATE NIGHT MEETING WITH MRS G’ in the same book. Now , an industrialist with such background , can he ever criticize any Govt of the day, on any matter?

I remember an incident in eighties. That time Editor of Indian express was Arun Shourie. He is a great writer, and I was very fond of his articles.  Right now, I don’t remember exactly what was the issue, but this much I remember, that he, in a series of article, criticized the then Govt, fighting the Govt. in the court. Initially, Ramnath Goenka, owner of Indian Express,, was supporting Arun Shourie, but after some time pressure of Govt was mounting : the result?  Arun Shourie was sacked unnoticed. Ramnath Goenka, admitted that fight between the newspaper and Govt did a lot of damage to his business empire. This I know being a loyal reader of Indian Express those days, there will surely be many more such cases not openly known to us. Our press should become vocal and independent, for, this will help improve our democracy further. There are still many imperfections in our democracy. Just a few days back Soli Sorabji, our ex-attorney General, was quoted in newspapers: he said if the leading newspapers of any country and the court judgements by the judges, go on praising the Govt of the day, then one thing is sure, this particular country is not democratic in the real sense of the term. Para ser una democracia perfecta, se debe permitir que las instituciones funcionen sin ningún temor o favor.





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