come to be a regular feature in Mumbai, at least 5/6 collapse that at the moment I can remember in course of last one year. Going by the reports of local people, this time a political worker who welds mussel power is to blame. Allegedly, the power welding political man violating the existing law in position, removed the load bearing pillar in the ground floor flat-which he owned, to create extra space for him, and this caused the collapse. Responsible people in the immediate vicinity knew it well in advance, but did not protest out of fear. This kind of political people generally possess muscle power and instill fear in public as a rule. Had there been no fear, there would have been protest from public, and with the help of  honest administration the culprit could have been prevented, and ultimately several lives could be saved who now have died because of the building collapse.

Can you guess why such incidents take place in whole of India in regular fashion? it is obviously corruption, it is common everywhere in India almost in similar fashion. The culprit –here a sena man, had to seek first permission of housing society, second municipal commissioner  for changing the basic structure of the building which under normal condition he would not have. But Public did not say and report anything out of fear, and result is that the building collapsed spoiling his own luck and the luck of those others lived in the building. This shows also that corrupt does not survive his misdeed.

There is always a nexus between this sort of people and the administration, money and muscle power is used to coax the protesting voice, and to toe the line- all for monitory gain. In this case by creating extra space he would get more money on renting it out. If the administrative units were active, they would jump into action as soon as violation took place and reported. Corruption makes the machinery inactive, like AIDS virus this make the immune system inactive.

This is a great country , has rules in position to control every department of social life with common good in mind. If there is no tampering with it  and rules were free to function, all Indians would live a rich and quality life, free from any wants, deprivation etc.

But some of us, but by this time many of us are greedy, steal money from the state kept reserved commonly for all of us. Rules and the people responsible for administering those are threatened, arm-twisted and cowed down, by these people by crude means, just to own this public money for their private purpose. Common people are helpless. This does not happen only in India, it happens in Bangladesh, Pakistan, African countries, in fact, corruption is the root cause of poverty. Wherever corruption exist, poverty is inevitable. UNLESS WE BANISH CORRUPTION, BUILDING-COLLAPSE LIKE THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN; ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US!!!!


Write for your recreation

In this world of busy-ness there still are some who have ample time to spend but wandering how to pass time creatively. Among others In this class comes people who are just retired from the life-time job. I would recommend them to take to writing. Writing is a great human faculty. Those who have cultivated it during growing years in school, I am not speaking about them because it is already bearing fruit for them with the skill which they developed in early years. What in early days was a dry school home-task , in old age that has become a boon, a means of recreation , and if they are lucky, making money for them as well. After all first one-third of life we build foundation for the rest two-third of life.
My concern is for those who have not developed the faculty- that is the art of writing, very systematically , like the present writer did not…… but they need not lose heart, still, they can write. And the great blessings which digitalization and internet technology brought in, is that you can publish your writing in your own website or blogs which is freely available or available at a low cost. Publishing now is too easy as never before. It is no longer difficult like olden days when only a few and the best would get opportunity to be published. Now, we are blessed, anybody can get published, and get world wide readers. It is a great opportunity- by this you are making access to people living far far away whose caste, creed, color, language you will perhaps never know and they—at least a small fragment of them, will read your article certainly. This is bound to create an excitement in you , hence pleasure. You get to tell your ‘rubbish’ story in writing which face to face you could not tell them physically for a number of reasons. If they don’t like, they may trash— it’s their right, it won’t hurt you as you can’t see that. In life some times not knowing also helps.
Whatever the quality or standard of your article you produced, you will always have people who will either love or hate it—either way, you get readers, simply because the world is inhabited by 700 hundred crores, comprising people from many layers of choices; one may appreciate your ‘high class’ writing while many others will not be able to crack it . Similarly, there are still many more who write less articulately devoid of intellectual content, but just understable to many and they love it for sheer lack of merit because they themselves do not have one. People are made of different stuff; one may hate a standard of writing while for others it is the first choice. It is happening in the writing world day in day out, publishing industry know it. A publisher reject a labour of love of a budding author only to be lapped up by other publisher to become a best seller. Thus, you will always have readers for whatever you can produce, so why hesitate, write and publish the blog, you will connect in any case with the world. I am with you.
If you have a bad luck, say you did not get any readers, but you have still done an enormous job in that you expressed yourself, this has its excitement and you enjoyed it. At an old age, you have hundreds and thousands of interactions in life already, experienced many things and this experience is the real gold mine, many are unique as all individuals are unique. The essence of all literature in this world is human being and his experience of living. So, whatever you write from that experience is bound to hit the bulls eye, it is only a matter of time when all will appreciate you. One thing more, all individuals in the world are essentially same internally, they are different outwardly only. When we dive deep in ourselves and talk about our sorrow, joy, failure and achievements, we no more talk about us but talk about the whole world. When somebody reads your story , chances are that he identifies with it and likes. Therefore , my message is …….go and write your true experiences, then you have whole world to become your reader.
How to make your writing really relevant ? …delve deep in yourself to find the topics what is yours really and write on it honestly. It will certainly be liked by many, I can bet. If you try to write about anything which is borrowed or copied, there can not be any personal touch, it is bound to fail. People will never like the writing, because there is hypocrisy in it. Apart from everything whatever said here, you must not forget that when you have put down your word you will feel lighter, relaxed and refreshed, if you don’t believe me, ask a psychiatrist. At least for this you may write.


This is how we keep us unhappy

We cannot enjoy what we have because we are engaged with what we do not have.


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None of us are happy, because worries and anxieties keep us down even when being in possession of everything we have. We cannot see and enjoy what we have as we are obsessed with getting with what we do not have. For example, at an age of 20 you have your youth and good health in your side, but not yet posses success and prosperity of 60. You can not enjoy your youth of 20 for you do not have prosperity which comes naturally at 60. But at the age of 60 you have your wisdom, and prosperity and wealth,  but no anymore the youthful vigor natural at 20. Both time you are  blind to see what you are having at the present moment , bringing a running unhappiness.worrying man th

Further, we suffer from avoidable worries and anxieties. After certain time, it turns into a habit. Our mind is occupied constantly with anxiety which if we maintain record and look back, will see 99% of time we worried about, did not happen. Mind is constantly occupied with anxiety, only occupants changes position, we stop worry on an issue only when a bigger worry replaces that previous. In this process, the earlier worry has not changed in quality except that we cannot think anymore about the earlier one because an immediate newer worry has taken its position. When you have lost one hundred rupees, you worry because you have lost one hundred rupees, but as soon as you loss one thousand rupees on top of it, you no longer worry for previous one hundred as your mind is occupied with immediate one thousand rupees loss, although you still suffer the previous one hundred rupees loss but out of mind.

We are hundred times better than many people but yet unhappy and worrying, which we must get rid of at this very moment. Just read this facebook message from an unknown friend. You will see how much you are better   from the circumstances this  well placed friend is put to—-“raveen Tyagi

January 2 · 

My Life was very smooth and became lovely when I was blessed with a baby Boy Garvit, We enjoyed every moment till he was 6 month old. He was then diagnosed with a non Curable disease called SMA( Spinal Muscular Atropy ). We were into a deep shock. Why me??. I left my job and sat in a depressed state for 1 yr at home. Since then we have struggled for 6 yrs now, in search of some cure. No financial and emotional support was another killer for us. Now Good to hear that after 10 years of research in US a medicine named SPINRAZA(Developed by Biogen) has arrived, which will cure the disease by upto 40%. But only 40 such families are known to us in India and in order to be heard by Indian gov’t or in US, we need to explore atleast 1000 such families. Kindly help us by sharing this message. Any one knowing any SMA patient kindly mail at Your message sharing can be a great help. Thanks


The burden of ignorance

It is a matter of worry that our school students bear a heavy burden of labor, they have to carry a heavy bag of books on their back. There is no respite. The contents of the bag are books, notebooks, Tiffin box, water bottle etc. etc. There is no segregation day wise, all books have to be carried to school every day. If the student carry books as per daily class routine, in that case load on the back can be reduced. Actually, responsible bodies connected to school education, NGOs, social thinkers have advised that the load of books in the back should not be more than 10% of the body weight of the student. But there is wanton violation of the same. This advice is violated in all the states, all over the country. In some cases weight of bag of books go up to 20% of bodyweight of students.
When asked, authorities say that they really have concern for this, and issued instruction so that students do not have to carry all the booksand note books everyday—if it is so, certainly those instructions are ignored at the functional level, somewhere down the line message lost its way. This is doing a colossal damage to the students. Doctors opine that these students when they grow up may suffer back and neck ortho- problem, what is more dangerous that they may suffer from spinal cord problem. This means when you are making every effort to educate your child by spending your hard earned money, he is growing up to become a future patient. Time has come for all governmental authorities, social organizations to unite to sort out things, and compel Govt to take necessary action so that school curriculum is systematized, only essential things are taught so that ultimately burden on the back of students come down really.
Here I want to draw reference to a thinker whose suggestion has impressed me a lot. According him , its not necessary to teach students so many things in its compact form as it is done now a days. Some basic things only to be taught to students. He says music, maths and one or two languages, are enough to be taught to them. They will have enough time to play and enjoy, and grow naturally. When he will grow up, he will learn things automatically. After all, whatever we learn we re-learn only which is there in us already at birth. All of us comes from this universe, this universe lying dormant in us, gradually reveals itself as he grows. I refer to it only as a food for thought, immediately nothing more than that.
Coming back to the topics–there is one thing more, books and notebooks may be used in its digital format. In fact sometime back I read about a school in the Kerala state which has shunned books in its physical form, instead, everything taught and tested through tablet computer. Weight of their baggage will come down to approx 400 gms which is now 5/6 kgs. There should not be any objection to it, for , students even otherwise using mobile phones widely. They can easily extend it to for studying purpose. This will make them more conversant with digital instruments, at the same time make the school bag disappear. This will save their future health, make a physically strong future citizen, after all, as we know when health is lost everything is lost. Thinkers may think on it.

   Defecating in the open—enjoying nature while performing ????

Defecating in the open is unhealthy. Mainly it creates health hazard for all. A man defecating in the open, spreads infection in many ways. The excreta washed by water, go to underground which in turn is used for drinking and cultivation. By drinking this contaminated water infection spreads, we suffer from cholera, diarrhoea etc. children suffer more. This destroys the very foundation for health for adulthood. It is because growth of body and mind  take place in the initial years of life, but a great majority of our children, suffer from malnutrition these years—one main reason is that they suffer from communicable diseases like cholera, typhoid. This is not wholly, at least partially could be avoided if we could stop spread of the contamination. The contaminated water is used for cultivation of vegetable, fruits; and in the process all the produce gets contaminated and damage our

This problem is not peculiar to Indian villages, it is a very common phenomenon in all developing/poor counties of Asia, Africa, but people with such practice is highest in number in India. Just not villages, in Indian cities including Mumbai it is a common sight. While travelling in a train, on both side of the track you can see people squatting and defecating. Fifty percent of Indians defecate in the open air. With the initiation of swatch Bharat abhijan, PM Modi  started a movement towards cleanliness, many joined it. Still, there is no reason to believe that the problem is over– even if many joined, it will be many many years before the complete result is harvested.

Those have this bad habit, either do not have money to construct toilet or think that constructing a toilet is an avoidable expenditure—in such cases Govt may try to subsidise where people do not have money for it. Subsidizing is not a very good idea as resources are scarce, best would be if citizens in each area come together to raise resources to construct toilet for those who don’t have.

I personally think some stringent action should be taken where people have toilet at home, in spite of that they defecate outside as a force of habit. Many of those are educated people–at least school/ college certificate holders, they go to open air for reliving them, as some say,  just for enjoying the cool bridge in the morning and moon in the open wide sky in the night while sitting to have bowel movement. Govt should take strong measure to punish them. Authority should publicly name and shame them. There also have to be social movement, spreading the awareness through a huge publicity through street drama, wall magazine, theatre etc etc. One must be that it is huge huge problem, and we must accept that this is here to stay for a long long time. Some people use this open air latrine because they enjoy and this makes total eradication a herculean task. I have no doubt that many people owning flats in posh are of metro cities, when they go to their villages in vacation, you may catch them with thumps up/ pepsi bottle, in early morning, by the side of paddy fields.

Like all problems, here also lack of real education is the main culprit. In this point I remember an important quote from Obama which runs like this—those who say education is costly, ask them to calculate what ignorance cost them. Our ignorance is costing us here also. On translating this quote, we will find that a society is developed, consequently rich, because of its people have the right-quality education. And those are undeveloped or under developed and poor, suffer because they have poor quality education. Education is the panacea, a cure-all.
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Modiji—Take note, your popularity is declining.

united we stand, devided we fall

Right now what is at the top of my mind is that you are no longer popular, if your indicators have not yet recorded it , it is not that I am wrong, rather, your studies and indicators are faulty. It is time you must set yout indicators  right. How the pilgrims to Amarnath temple have been killed ?. Definitely, your international diplomacy against terrorism, so called deep thought on revamping the security machinery, constant talk of new zeal in administration in fight against terrorism and all associated ills, have turned out a flop. You told us your dramatic surgical strike inside Pakistan, broke the backbone of terrorism, we were made to believe that there was the end of terrorism. Just look at the comments in the social networking sites,  you will see how blindly people was supporting and reposing your faith in you.

Today what we see. Terrorism continuing unabated, armed men comng across the border to kill our soldiers, their body being mutilated. Just think of their family, they are mostly from the poor families. Your surgical strike did not produce any respite to the people of India, all of whom are affected by now. I want to ask you, did surgical strike happened at all?  If they were killed then, how they are around now?? Or it was only a publicity stant.

It is the job of terrorists to create terror aided by our enemy, calculated to bring destruction to our country and people, and they are successful. So far thousands of our people maimed, killed, crores of wealth destroyed. Who knows how many more will die???? Now common citizen is so much scared that when they come out of home, they ponder if at all will they will return home safely? Does not this insecurity sapping their happiness??

But there is nothing to be astonished that enemy will damage us–they think destroying us is their religious duty. We can not fault them, they find a virtue in it, they have been programmed this way. Just blaming them and cursing them will not help. It is the duty of those guarding the nation to make arrangement so that such violence do not occur at all. This has not been done.

This is not alone, we undergone the hardship of demonetization believing that whatever you do must be good for the nation. You saw how all the nation became one through common suffering, whole nation was in queue in front of ATMs day and night, some of them succumbed to death, but there was no uprising against the Govt while going by the scale of it, it contained such a potential really. I was your whole hearted admirer argued in favour of your demonitisation whenever even a lone voice rose against you. What the nation have got out of demonitization?  Nothing clear.  But I supported demonitisation because you did it.

You brought in some element which Indians did not know before. Your policy have set one community against the other. I live an area where Hindu, Muslim  and Christians were living peacefully one with other. But now one suspects the other thinking the other is a potential threat. When men of one community chit chat, while any from other community pass by, immediately, discussion stops and topics of discussion switches….such is the level of confidence of one community on the other!!!!. This was not the situation earlier.  We saw talk of Sanskrit making compulsory subject, Geeta to be read by all, all should respect cow, and then atrocities of cow vigilantes against muslims. There is clear discrimination against muslims. This has damaged Indian society irreparably. India did never know it before. Truly there is a clear separation emotionally of the minority community from the majority—the fiber of the society is torn which was built over hundreds of years.

By emotionally isolating  Muslims we are inviting ISIS influence to India. One must understand the psychology of any minority, even if there is no hostility there exists a perceived discrimination already. Add to this the actual discrimination being perpetrated against Muslims now a days. Muslim put to in such a situation will search for  sympathy and security. This is a fertile ground for recruitment from across the border from Pakistan, and from ISIS who will do everything to win over these unhappy Muslims, this will strengthened the hands of Muslim terrorist. Nobody should make the Muslims threatened, they should be given the place they enjoyed traditionally in Indian society. I would go to the extent to say that Majority community has some responsibility, it is their duty to protect the minority and see to their safety. This is in the interest of Indian nation.

Modiji, whole nation knows you are different from others. Their confidence and love put you where you are. You are honest, your oratory makes you a hero to all Indians, although by this time economic progress is not evident yet it looks you will deliver goods to Indian economy and businesses ultimately. But see that no discrimination against Muslims will help India . At the time of closing the article, there is news that driver of the Bus carrying the pilgrims to Amarnath, Salim Mirza, a 37 years young muslim drove the bus skillfully and bravely 2km while bullets were showered on it, he could have easily stop and surrender the pilgrims to the terrorist, he did not. He risked and saved pilgrim’s life. If there is one bad muslim, there are hundreds good.