Loss of hair afflicts everybody including prince William, mustard oil works for me.

The above picture is printed in TOI today, is of Royal family of England. In the featured picture , from left Britain’s prince William and his wife Catherine, the rest two are Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle. I am surprised to find that William has gone bald, it has become all the more worrying because queen at her 91 years age is about to abdicate the throne in favour of her grandson, William, ignoring the immediate normal successor -her son, Charles. Harry’s is not yet that serious — none the less , prince Harry, also has started balding.  Dermatologists say by the time Harry will be marrying Markle, he will be a complete bald. In respect of looks , being bald is worse than hair greying, for, while the former makes one look ten years older than his actual age, the latter, is by seven years older. Prince William at the age of 33 looks like a 43 year old—of course, publicly he makes humour on his own baldness. On study of picture of his head over the years, it appears his hairs started thinning since 2002.   baldness 1

Class conscious English people respects, and is proud of its monarchy. Whatever happens in royal family, widely shared by English people, and also in  the world wherever English language has made its way into. Do you remember the living-days of Harry and William’s mother, Diana??  her personal life, disturbed married life, and finally sad death, shook the whole world in sorrow.

Similarly, William’s hair loss, baldness and resulting bad look is being widely discussed. It is a wonderful time for doctors for hair growing, dermatologists and their medicinal business.  There will be a spate of TV programs by people with business interests in medicine for hair growth. Soon a craze for transplants of hair will begin. Those are there in the beauty market already, but William’s new publicized baldness will boost their business. In the past, innumerable people spent a lot of money to grow hair on their bald head, experience is that it mostly do not work,  money is lost down the drain, it seems nobody usually have complaints about this as they spent it from the spare money that they have— clearly,  nobody has any expectation.

Harry and William’s baldness is too serious, it is genetically doubly loaded, because his father—Charles, and Grandfather—Philip, are both bald.  Diana’s father is also bald.  It is a two way attack on the head of two princes. Therefore, it is doubtful whether transplant of hair will benefit Williams. But he must try as he does not have dearth of wealth and influence, as soon as he want it, it will be already there for him.

But here in India all bald people is not that lucky.  In this not so rich country, all bald people, may not have so much money for transplants or other costly methods of hair restoration. Moreover, there is every chance of disappointment, firstly proven medicine will not be available, and secondly businesses will sell you medicines which they themselves know beforehand, will not work. Bald people has complexes in their thinking, often we see bald people or for whom the hair is thinning like that of Williams, comb remaining few hairs in a fashion desperately trying to cover unsuccessfully the bald part, some go for dying whatever few hairs are left .  Wigs also do not work for most people, but Amitava Bachhan’s one work quite nicely, his wigs looks quite natural.

I personally have different idea. For me even at 66 I am not bald at all, though my hair on the head is much thinner and receding than when it was  in my thirties, but in stark contrast, my brothers have gone bald. From childhood I am very fond of mustard oil, I have a habit of massaging my body and scalp with mustard oil regularly before going to bath. My other two brothers used instead, BRILLSCREAM and many other widely advertised hair tonics, result is that both gone bald  long back. I think in spite of there being hundreds of hair tonics in the market, mustard oil is the best. If you put mustard oil on your head and massage the scalp, chances are there you won’t get baldness–Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali brand will be the best, so far there has not been any scandle about him.  Prince William and Harry may try it to regrow their hair by massaging their scalp with mustard oil. I am very hopeful, it will work. When India’s Ayurveda, Hare Krishna, and meditation have benefited the western world, further addition into it of massaging mustard oil on the  scalp, won’t harm, and in all likely hood ,may stop hair loss , even regrow ,one demonstrate able proof is myself.


Solving unemployment in Mamata Bannerjee’s way

Shankar , a great Bengali writer in his novel SIMABADHHA said that for the unemployed in Kolkata, in the seventies, there were two ‘ Man’, one was Pitman, the other was Hahnemann. Typing schools in every locality in those days, would teach unemployed men Pitman’s stenography for earning them a few hundred rupees monthly, but would mostly end up being  mere typists because of their  insufficient knowledge of English and lack of personality skill. Mostly, people from south India would be preferred for these stenographers’ jobs because of their better working English, hard work and self-discipline. Yet typing/ stenography schools would be full of unemployed Bengali youth, and some of the really bright ones only made way to become real stenographers .

The next ‘Man’ was Hahnemann. Having abandoned from every other field, and having no other option, the unemployed would buy Bengali homeopathic books from college street shops, would read a little bit of those at home understanding yet less, and then opened his dispensary in a street corner, equipped with a few chairs, a small tea- table and certainly a signboard. These ‘doctors’ would have a modest income  as ninety percent of human diseases are of nominal nature, and heal on its own as those are cured by human immunity system itself, for here, no medicine was required for the cure. As no serious patient would visit them, their inefficiency would never be seriously challenged and exposed. Here I am strictly not speaking of those qualified Homeopathic doctors passing from recognized reputed colleges who were really doing a great job.

I am not much of a wanderer, or hard-wired traveller making constant tally of tourist places visited—because that nature of tour is more of a hard task, rather than an enjoyable travelling. I do this as it comes my way. Generally, I stay in the outskirts of Mumbai city, and periodically come to Kolkata– my home town, to live for a month or so. During last six years, when I tire in Kolkata I go to Mumbai, when I tire in Mumbai I come to stay in Kolkata meeting  my old friends, and visiting  places I grew up. Never I over do things. I enjoy the change of places and seasons.  In Mumbai four months of rain is pleasant, in Kolkata, in December, winter is pleasant.

Now I am in Kolkata and noted some changes which are quite stark. Huge unemployment exists here, youths are making makeshift arrangement for their survival. The saviour of the unemployed now unlike in seventies, is e-auto driving, televaja and roti making. The loss due to severe unemployment does not bite them much because bengalees are generally happy go lucky people, culturally tuned to talk football, cricket, music, art films and enjoy life even  in the midst of severe poverty. But my issue here is unemployment.

Old people who does not have any other means of livelihood, making rotis for sale is the practice of many days, and I find this practice quite acceptable, and should be left alone for this group of old people. While idle women of households keep themselves busy in watching DIDI NUMBER ONE, SUDIPA’S RANNA-GHAR and the like, having no time for the kitchen, these wayside roti makers make rotis for those idle women suffering constantly from pain in the neck and the back, and in the process, those old needy roti makers earning a few bucks is good enough. I am happy as by this, some old people without any other means of earning, can earn some money. But problem is this that young people in their 20s/30s, in their hordes, also started taking to this roti making, this points to existence of severe incurable unemployment.

Other means of earning a living for the young unemployed is toto driving. Environmentally Totos are OK as those are run by un-polluting battery, this is better than existing auto-rickshaws. But too many totos, almost forming a conveyor belt are on the street, making it impossible to walk in the too narrow lanes, by-lanes and streets. Obviously, supply of totos on the street are much more than the actual demand, a crude way to hide unemployment. Manual rickshaw puller who are voiceless, confused and fearful, in this changing trend, are going slowly out of business. Future looks to be bleak for this vulnerable class.

Other common means of livelihood is ubiquitous telebhaja shops frying and selling –chops, beguni, phuluri and the like. These wayside telebhaja shops are by no means new, they were always existing, but what is new and attracts comment here is that those shops have multiplied many folds. The young unemployed made it a serious profession for their livelihood—perhaps they have taken seriously Didi’s only prescription for solving unemployment. I would not be surprised if tomorrow she ordains to do away with the railways , and introduce  e-auto/toto in replacement,  because in her estimation, it would create more employment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fear is not baseless, for, buses from certain routes have already been withdrawn, simply because totos are taking away their passengers, a march backwards!!!!!!!!!

It’s a matter of serious concern. The youth is the future of any society, if their abundant energy and creativity is not used in a fruitful and developmental way, and are compelled to live  like  an old people, making profession out of roti making and telebhaja shop, then the future is definitely bleak. Would Singur have made a difference??—Es curioso el camino de la política, realmente !!!!!!!!

Gadget aid to spine surgery [ From Telegraph, Kolkata for Attention Dr Kantharia , HOD of ortho, ESIC Hospital, Andheri]

A presentation slide explaining how the machine at AMRI Mukundapur works. Picture by Sanat Kr Sinha 


Calcutta: A device that provides real-time 3D image of a person’s anatomy during a spine surgery, making the surgery more precise, was recently introduced at a city hospital.

The Rs 6-crore machine – a combination of an imaging component called “O-arm” and a navigation part called “S8 Navigation System” – guides a surgeon and assists in placing an implant or screw exactly where it should be without damaging any blood vessel or nerve in the area.The machine allows minimally invasive surgeries instead of open surgeries, something that minimises blood loss, chances of infection and duration of hospital stay, doctors said.

The retractable O-arm can move around the operating table taking a 3D image of the area to be operated. The image is superimposed on the one taken by a camera that goes in through one of the four holes done on a person’s body during microsurgery. A composite view comes alive on a screen to guide the surgeon

A farmer had twisted his neck after falling while carrying a load of vegetables on his head in August.

He was discharged within three days of being admitted to the hospital. Screws were fixed to join the first two vertebrae, C1 and C2, which had dislocated, Sisir Das of AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur, where the machine has been installed, said.

The man would have needed at least a 10-day hospital stay if not for the machine, Das, the hospital director and head of neurosurgery, said. “The neck is a very sensitive area. It was important that the brain stem, the upper cervical cord and vertebral artery weren’t damaged while fixing the screws…. Also, the bone through which the screws passed was only 3mm wide.”

But the machine assists the surgeon and ensures chances of mistakes go down, he said.

Fifteen spine surgeries using the machine since it was installed at the hospital in August have been successful.

The 3D images produced by the machine’s O-arm imaging device make a lot of difference in surgery, a neurosurgeon of another private hospital said. Most hospitals use the C-arm, which produces 2D images of low resolution and these images can’t be merged with the ones taken by the camera that goes inside the body.

An article on my favourite writer, Sri Susanta kumar Pal ( Sahitya Ratna).





[ The above book is written by his son  Sri Samudra Pal, 24, doing his doctorate on micro-biology, from Calcutta University, on a CSIR scolarship. The book sold 68,000 copies, at a price of Rs 80/- per copy. It is not a serious work, a commercial work by a 24- year old  young author. A phenomenal success at this tender age. ]

Sri Susanta kumar pal, is a well known thinker and a prolific writer, based in Kolkata.  Although he writes for a range of subjects, his focus is mainly for children. He writes ghost stories, plays, travelogues, General knowledge books and on many topics. Many of his books are included in school curriculum, not an ordinary thing. Premier book shops, and book fairs in Kolkata, sells many of his titles regularly. He has authored not less than one thousand plus books. He is favourite to publishers of Kolkata and Bangladesh, who always impose on him an urgent time schedule. Presently, he, in collaboration with professors of Bangladesh, is engaged on a mega research work on a historical topics of social importance. I am avidly waiting for the result.

As sensitive writers always are, he thinks on man, society and its future, and tries to find a way out for the deliverance of mankind in the present day world. He opines that deliverance of mankind is possible only through  SA-BI-D ie  practising  a combination of literature, science, and philosophy rationally. He has a complete article titled as SABID which I have published separately in my blog, don’t forget to read that.  The said article embodies his rational thinking on social and religious horizon. He attempted to show how his new religious thinking will bring peace and harmony to the present day war-torn world, controlled by mad fundamentalists of various nomenclatures.

Original article of SA BI D was in Bengali, I translated it in English as I understood the idea. As all of you know translation is a difficult work, and I fear some nuances of the article might have been missed in spite of my best effort. Wait for the article, it will soon come up…………….



I believe in destiny. In our life, in child hood, many things are taught to us from books but due to our immaturity peculiar to that stage of life, we do not take them quite seriously but as we move ahead through thick and thin of life, we collect experiences to realise the truth behind what was taught to us. For some, realisation comes relatively early, for others little later, or for yet others never at all. For me at this age of 66, I started understanding many things what I was taught at those far-off school days—that time I read those only for passing the exam through rote learning without understanding, same I understand now only. I believe that mine is not an isolated case.

As for me ,in my youth I did not understand the word ‘ destiny’ and took it as the manufacture of boring old and brazen people meant to be ignored, at my youth under the influence of communism turned an atheist, pooh poohed the word ‘destiny’ or any after-life philosophies of our seniors, at this old age having cruised through 66 years I have my own experience. I suddenly started believing there is a destiny for all. Everything is pre-ordained. Things of life are already destined which you hardly can change, best is to suffer/enjoy through, no alternative. But as per teachings of GITA, I believe in work, so I work and work, without any expectation.

Appropriately, my mind goes to an interview of Neeta Ambani, wife of Mukesh, richest Indian, and leader of an industrial empire, which has gone multinational also. That time these two eminent brothers were involved in a nasty spat, everyday their fight would make news headlines, revealing many of their secret misdeeds not uncommon in corruption ridden Indian industry. Those spats had the potential to damage them and Indian industry. In that interview she was asked about the future of their notoriously publicised family quarrel, she replied that she believed in the destiny. This reinforced my belief.

Actually, when people of their stature opines on life’s experience, and dilemma, certainly those are not empty words– must be full of realised truth, those are to be taken seriously.  At this age of 66, I have seen destiny shapes our fate. Newspaper are replete with stories. Otherwise, how can we explain when yesterday’s pauper is today’ rich, today’s rich is tomorrow’s beggar on the street.  I do not say that to become rich you need only luck and no work, my point is that there are many hardworking educated men in India but it does not happen to them to come up in life, It is the destiny that determines their fate.

Some time back a newspaper reported that two brothers from a beggar’s family went out for begging, younger was lost in the course, an Australian couple on a tour to India was kind to spot the wailing boy and then formally adopted him and took to Australia. The lost boy was cared for properly in his new home, reared well in Australia, and educated him to raise as a  professional engineer. Later the beggar engineer from Australia, on tracing his old family in India, met his own brother and mother in India, but could not stay in India as he could not live without an air conditioner and high class living. He could not think of drinking any water other than mineral water. Immediately he left for his adopted country and family………hundreds of accidents are happening daily in the country, you have seen many come back from death-like situations, while many innocents maintaining all safety norms are drawn into the vortex of death for no fault of their own. How do you explain this anomaly???????????????????????. In these days of cancer affliction, the person who does not consume tobacco become a victim of cancer, while one who is a chain smoker, remain stout and healthy.

There are ample cases in ample fields, where earthly logic does not explain rise and fall of earthlings, human reasoning fall short— only explanation that works that our destiny was written at our birth. Many explain away these anomalies as chances, but behind chances there is destiny.


What is the solution of the mess of Indian healthcare ( collected from facebook page of Dr Dushayant khedekar)

Bohr Committee advised for Indian Medical Services, in line of Indian Administrative services in year 1948 . After that many Committees were formed on same subject but recommendations not implemented.

It is high time that government should immediately nationalise healthcare services in India.

Till 1990 it was mainly government hospitals which were providing healthcare services to masses & there were very few private hospitals. In city of Delhi in name of private care, we had only three – four trust run charitable hospitals like Moolchand Hospital, Saint Stephen Hospital, Holy Family Hospital & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

In that era everyone including politicians & bureaucrats used to go to government hospitals for healthcare needs.

Then something suddenly changed, Corporate hospitals entered into scene. We became confused between socialism & capitalism. Our government started running away from its responsibility of providing quality free education & free healthcare to masses. It led to growth of big Corporate hospitals .

Our governments encouraged growth of private healthcare by neglecting government hospitals & our neighbourhood dispensaries & health centres. Government stopped investing in healthcare & our centres of excellence started coming under stress & deteriorating.

Population kept on growing but proportionate increase in government hospital beds were not made. Staffing was not increased, infrastructure was not upgraded. Government hospitals started being identified as poorly managed & equipped facilities, where even poorest is scared to go .

With liberalisation of Indian economy, we tilted towards becoming a capitalist society, everything is opened to private sector. Here began the entry of Corporates in healthcare, which stepped in to fill the vacuum created by failing & falling standards of government healthcare infrastructure to fulfil the health need & aspirations of quality conscious new rich or affording class.

Till now as we were getting free or subsidised healthcare, we didn’t realise that healthcare is an expensive affair. Our policy makers were aware that is why they had stopped investing on new technologies. New technologies were very expensive & most machines are imported & hence we started feeling the pinch.
Corporate hospitals brought best technologies & expertise to India but it was very expensive and was affordable for only a very few. We became confused, we wanted those best treatments but they were beyond our affordability, it started creating frustration among us . We are in catch 22 situation, we are not ready to go to government hospitals but finding it difficult to afford private healthcare. We wanted five star facilities in hospitals, while it was beyond our means.

Land for many charitable hospitals, slowly & steadily was taken over by Corporate Hospitals & Hospitals like Moolchand, Jessa Ram, G M Modi also became Corporate. Government allowed it in collusion & this option is also taken away from us . We were cornered, government hospitals were not upto standards & unwillingly we were forced to go to Corporate Hospitals.

Health insurance started growing with this new opportunity & we were forced to purchase healthcare policies & additional burden was added to our house hold budget. Now with cashless health care insurance, a cartel started forming, which resisted entry of new hospitals into cashless healthcare networks . This cartel is so strong that in last few years, very few new hospitals have been empaneled by public sector health insurance companies for cashless healthcare services by forming a cartel called GIPSA. Insurance companies along with select hospitals started dictating, which hospitals to go , we started being deprived of free choice to select our hospital & insurance companies started forcing hospitals on us. Government is well aware of this.

Under the confidence of our cashless healthcare policies, we started visiting five star hospitals, for each & every medical problem. Now in serious illnesses our bills started exceeding our insurance limit & we were disturbed & became angry. Yes, that five star hospital was beyond our means & capacity but sometime we were forced by our insurer or sometime we selected them as we wanted the best medical services.

Now a very tricky situation has been created in this country. Government healthcare infrastructure is failing us but 5 star healthcare is not affordable.
To further deteriorate situation, our government started giving panels for government schemes like CGHS & Delhi Health Scheme also, to private & Corporate Hospitals. Now government officials & politicians also dejected government hospitals. Corporate Hospitals handled the whole load due to efficiency of services & better management. These hospitals provided care to affording general public, government panels beneficiaries as well foreign medical tourists. As our law makers & bureaucrats also started going to private hospitals on tax payers money, government hospitals further deteriorated. Now even poorest among the poorest don’t want to go to government hospitals.
Government played another smart trick, instead of strengthening government healthcare infrastructure, which was not cost effective, asked private hospitals to reserve beds for EWS. Public didn’t realise that cost of those bed is also being added to bill of affording patients.

Now situation is, government is running away from its responsibility of providing free healthcare of quality to masses. On surface it shows that it is concerned about public but on the other hand , actually responsible for mess. Small healthcare establishments are being destroyed to create monopoly & hegemony of Corporates . Such rules & conditions are being put, which will lead to closure of all small clinics & nursing homes. There is a big conspiracy & we all need to understand. Tomorrow there will be very few hospitals, which will be providing you cashless healthcare as IRDA in collusion with big Corporates , is making NABH accreditation compulsory for hospital empanelment for cashless insurance. Quality is a facade as there are already Hospitals & NH Registration Acts & CEA, this NABH gimmick is to further marginalise small healthcare establishments & increases their cost of running.

Now I request everyone to understand this whole game, come on streets, before it becomes too late. Demand from government to own up responsibility & immediately implement Indian Medical Services on line of IAS.
Nationalise Indian healthcare & stop running away form its responsibility of providing quality healthcare to masses, free of cost. Government should stop playing a double game of encouraging Corporates & also blaming Private providers , while actually promoting them from behind.

Dear friends, like public, doctors are also at receiving end. Profession is under stress. Corporates are turning doctors into slaves, taking away their autonomy. Healthcare is expensive that is why government is not spending on it . Doctors pay commercial property tax, water & electricity. Huge tax on equipments . Running private practices, fulfilling cost aspirations of public is becoming almost impossible, in current scenario.

Country needs good doctors & excellent health services also. Doctors can’t provide it at cheap rate because it doesn’t come cheap. Like every product, services also have cost but it looks that cost is unaffordable for most of us.

Insurance companies have also failed us.
We need nationalisation of Health Care Services, so that public continue to get world class healthcare & good doctors. Current environment is not very encouraging to select medicine as a career because of very few government jobs , exploitation by Corporates, difficult laws creating hindrance in starting small establishments & non affordability by masses of private healthcare.

Indian Medical Services, will create a proper environment for growth of medical profession as well as Indian healthcare sector.

Please make it a revolution & demand that government should nationalise Indian healthcare & guarantee free, quality healthcare to all citizens of India. This environment of distrust between general public & Medical profession should end. Nation needs its doctors, they’re the best lot.

Hope everyone will introspect & will force government to own up its responsibility towards public, regarding free healthcare.

This is how a conman defrauding your Bank account connected to Aadhar

The caller first asks the victim for their Aadhaar number and then tells them this is a verification call from Unique Identification Authority. The caller then asks them to reveal the code sent to their registered phone number from Unique Identification Authority of India to complete the verification process.
The conman starts a very different process at his end. In this process, the conman uses the OTP to change the phone number linked to the victim’s Aadhaar number on the website. Now, after the change the new mobile phone no connected to this adhar is in the possession of the conman.

The conman’s next step is to download a popular United Payment Interface-supported application, which automatically detects Aadhaar number linked to the SIM card of the phone in which the banking application is installed. At the end of this operation, the conman has access to the victim’s bank account and can initiate banking transactions to remove money.