Air travel really have become cheaper for the masses.

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It looks air travel has really become cheaper. It is good for the masses, and economy. It was long overdue, and has become as a relief for me and many common people like me. It has struck me very comfortable, yesterday booked to and fro ticket for journey in june’18 , between Mumbai and Kolkata, for a cost of Rs 16,287/-. This looks going to Kolkata by air, will no longer be that painful for me. 26 hours of journey, will reduce to 7 hours’ from point to point. Life for the masses, is really becoming better, at least, in this respect.
I stay both in Kolkata and Mumbai, used to do my journey in train; at the minimum, it takes 26 hours in the best trains . At this age strain is too much, when I get down from the train in Kolkata, there is a dizzy feeling, and whole body trembles, every time think never to repeat the journey again, but resolve stays with me only until the next journey, and then again travails start. Add to this, the extra hazards being added to train journey every day now a days. Although this picture is common with train journey but age refuses to accept this pain any more.
Xxx In young days I would travel in general compartment for long hours for days together, drinking water and eating foods supplied in the train or collected from venders from platform, rather food in the train journey would be more romantic than home food. There would not be any complaint against anything. After joining jobs for earning livelihood, travelled in sleeper classes from one end of the country to other with no notice of any fatigue . With gradually getting position in jobs like many others, gradually, travelled in AC classes, and at the end, air travels also, at employer’s liberal allowances /expenses.
xxYou must have noticed, now a days, travelling in AC classes in all reputed trains even, have become insecured and uncomfortable. I along with others, lost my luggage from AC-II tier coach on 22.11.2016, after being drugged . It is not me alone, many many cases are happening regularly. A very bad and unhygienic foods, uncleaned blanket and bedding are given to passengers on board. There are numerous complaint by passengers, every time Govt re-assures to improve but unable to do anything. Every time Govt. promises—I am sure it is sincere utterance, yet same state of affairs continues, and to me it seems it will never end because it is beyond the control of any Govt. Every time when I am face to face to be in such a situation, I experienced that it is not easy to administer a country of 135 crores of people, just too many… too many. Have you ever tried to meet an authority to redress your grievance whenever you had any problem in life, definitely no, you ran from pillar to post, until you broke down. For my theft of baggage, I approached the office of PMO, claiming compensation, even to meet PM personally, I could not cross even the preliminary levels and it was frustrating to me. Managements are inefficient through all-out bad education in the country. There is a requirement of artificial intelligence in every department of game of our governance to improve general efficiency, forget job creation and all sorts social thinking, socialist philosophy of governance since the time of Nehru, spoilt the country, spoilt the national resources.
Unlike in other fields of business activity, air travel has become a bit better, has an enormous potential to further improve the life for our teeming millions. By this time air fare has ultimately come down by virtue of private operation. As I noted, 5/6 years back air fare to Kolkata was approx Rs 10,000 for one way travel—that was really too much to bear for me, naturally, would not think of going to Kolkata by air. Now, as I found, that for a single person, one way journey is Rs 4000 appx, is OK. It should come down more, at that all our masses can use it regularly, it should be possible by the imaginative businesses, with the cooperation Of Govt.
Reducing taxes connected with airfare, and arranging for landing on thousands of water bodies instead of expensive present airports by small planes, will bring down cost of air journey. This will bring down the cost of maintenance of airports. Further, I am a strong advocate for Application of artificial intelligence in every department of management and administration of the country, this will raise the efficiency, safety and all round public comfort at a reduced cost. AIR TRAVEL HAS BECOME REALLY CHEAPER.


We perhaps heading for next economic recession.


Following is a wonderful article which opens up the real economic health , and also what possible economic disaster we are going to face very shortly. I am not an economic expert, never studied economics, all I know is a little bit of chemistry. Later in life, in the course of day to day living, I gradually started taking interest in it, that too never ventured to go beyond the limit of a layman. With this background economics, I find this article as the best one. Therefore, I shall preserve it for my future reference in my adda talk.

I have a long habit. In my young college days I had the habit of making paper cutting of articles from calcutta statesman. In a few days there would be too many; would never be actually used, finally those would be covered by layer of dusts before throwing into dustbin. Now a days, we can preserve in digital format, hence the birth of this blog, here I preserve many facts, data in digital format, likewise this article also.

The main essence of the article is that 2008 world economic recession was not effectively cured. The cure was only a patch-up work. Standard economic theory sees financial market performance as reflecting economic performances. But when Alan Greenspan took over the US Federal Reserve, he ushered in the era of juicing economic growth by overstimulating financial market with liquidity. This culture has spread to other major central Banks. As the same past load is being carried over without healing the real problem, position of the world economy has worsened but only hidden as of now. It may soon create next financial crisis. For full details read on the article ” we’re living in la la land” by Andy Xie, that appeared in the economic times, Mumbai edition, on 09.02.2018—

[All major economies clocked good GDP growth in 2017, at least by recent standards. The synchronisation of all major economies generates good momentum into 2018. Trade is accelerating from 2.4% in 2017 to perhaps 4% this year. Unfortunately, the good news rests on a fragile foundation: the biggest asset bubble in history. Bubbles eventually pop. When this one does, all the good news will suddenly turn ugly. Just like in 2008.

In the last three decades, the causality between economic growth and financial market has often been reversed. Standard economic theory sees financial market performance as reflecting economic performance. But when Alan Greenspan took over the US Federal Reserve, he ushered in the era of juicing economic growth by overstimulating financial market with liquidity.

The Tick-Tock Cycle

Greenspan’s ‘Midas’ touch has spread to other major central banks. This is the origin of the boom-and-bust cycles in the recent past. The current cycle is no different.

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, all major economies have kept interest rates at, or close to, zero and maintained large fiscal deficits.

Adecade of massive, synchronised monetary and fiscal stimulus has led to the greatest asset bubble in history, to the tune of about $100 trillion, nearly 1.5 times the world’s GDP. Compared to 2-3% of GDP growth in the global economy, we should be mindful of the potential and huge cost associated with it.

Even though the US stock market is more expensive than in 1929 or 2000, and China’s property valuation is higher than Japan’s a quarter-of-a-century ago, fear-driven selloffs have been rare and brief, leading to the belief that high asset prices are the new normal. Massive amounts of financial and business activities, especially in technology, are predicated on high asset prices going higher.

The unusual longevity and resilience of high asset prices are largely because government actions — not herd behaviour in the market — are force-feeding the bubble. Government actions will lose their grip only when growth expectations crash or inflation flares up. Neither is a major risk for 2018. Hence, 2018 won’t kill the speculators of the world.

But 2018 will teach them a lesson or two. High-risk assets such as internet stocks and high-end properties will struggle like never before in the past decade. US interest rates will rise above inflation for the first time in a decade. And China is tightening, especially in the property sector, out of fear of a life-threatening financial crisis.

China accounts for about half of global credit growth. The interaction between the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing and China’s credit targeting has been the liquidity super machine. It is stalling in 2018.

The asset bubble demands that the excess liquidity-money supply rises faster than GDP to sustain it. This year may see global money supply line up with GDP. The Fed is likely to raise interest rates from the current 1-1.25% and take the level to 2.5%. This is still low compared with the 4.5-5% nominal GDP growth rate.

But the US stock market is more expensive than it was in 1929 or 2000. When the interest rate surpasses inflation, it will become wobbly.

Policymakers are caught between a rock and a hard place. The structural problems that led to the 2008 crisis are still here. The global economy grows ever more dependent on asset bubbles. If the global asset bubble bursts, the economy will slide into recession. Hence, when a market wobbles — as it probably will in 2018 — policymakers will come out to soothe market sentiment and may even temporarily reverse the tightening.

It’s Closer Than You Think

While 2018 may not be the end, the bubble will burst some day. There are three potential triggers: inflation, stagnation, or a dollar crash. Low inflation has been the excuse for central banks to keep pumping liquidity. But it is due to China joining the global economy rather than their domestic conditions. When China revalues its currency like Japan did four decades ago, inflation will come back to all the major economies.

Bubble-led economies will see efficiency declining due to misallocation of capital. Global low and declining productivity growth is a warning in that regard. When growth collapse finally scares all the speculators witless, the bubble will pop. This is what happened in Japan in the early 1990s.

Finally, a dollar collapse is possible. If so, it will take everything down with it. The global imbalance has been patched up with excess dollar printing. The people who are willing to hold dollars are in East Asia and West Asia, since the US is viewed as a superpower and the dollar is the global reserve currency. When that faith falters, the dumping of over $10 trillion could ensue.

The current world is a kind of makebelieve. People gain their faith from the trend. Governments use monetary and fiscal policy to manufacture the trend. When enough people are sucked in, the governments can take their feet off the gas petal, and the world seems to be booming on its own.

Policymakers call this victory. When the bubble pops, all the costs come home to roost. But the policymakers who made the mess are back calling for more of the same.]

The writer is a Shanghai-based economist. He is a speaker at the Global Business Summit, New Delhi, February 23-24, presented by YES Bank and The Economic Times


So, ultimately, mobile phone do no harm—Really ??????????.

Is mobile phone really without any side effect?? Two latest American studies say that using mobile phone is harmless, if it does, that must be very small as per them. I am a small man, not a medical person, but I take this sort of news with a pinch of salt. There has been a continuous report that mobile phone harms, for me the latest finding regarding mobile phone cannot be correct. My doubt is because, suppose the findings were otherwise ie radiation of mobile phone harms, in that case, what would be the effect of it?, can the Govts all over the world, control the use of mobile phone??. No, no Govt on this earth can control the use of a mobile phone which has become widespread by this time . In such a scenario what will happen to the businesses that is pivoting upon/ or making use of mobile phones constantly, there is a pressure, as I guess, to rationalize the use of mobile phone. The latest two American ‘findings’ are in that line, this is my strong guess.

Use of mobile phone has become an integral part of almost all people’s lives. Just look around wherever you are at this very moment, you will see that most of the people are using mobile phones; when they are in a group of people, it is natural that they could be talking to each other direct, instead, they are finding something in the net of his smart phone or talking on the phone to a distant man. Further, a great part of daily chores are performed by smart phone. It has become an integral part of our life world over, doing away with mobile phone is unthinkable. Moreover, application of artificial intelligence is knocking at the door because AI will require mobile phone extensively. People say soon 70% of present jobs in the market will not be anymore, those will be done AI.
It is possible that this sort of studies done purposively- possibly paid, calculative way to arrive at a convenient conclusion which is workable, convenient and not stopping money making pursuits. Actually whole world moves around making money. Where there is no money those will not be pursued any more………… Take the cases of drugs. Before finally releasing an allopath drug in the market, effect of the medicine are studied on human being also, but only those findings are published which is favourable for selling to happen. Wherever, any adverse effect is noted, those studies are not published or those toned down. Actually, here is a business what is the main criterion. I am sure if tomorrow, by magic power, a medicine is invented which cures all the diseases permanently, that new medicine will never be released in the market.
Coming back to latest Amarican studies on mobile use, I understand the reason also. Actually, certain things are not workable. Take the case of selling of wayside foods in our country, which is consumed by our gentry widely throughout the country simply because those are cheap. But those foods cannot be without bad effect; it has to be, for in preparing those foods sub-standard and cheap ingredients are used which lowers the cost of the finished foods to sell well. I am sure you also have experienced these very bad and sub standard foods. Yet those are certified to be good and healthy foods, otherwise, Authorities had to control these which they cannot control, much easier to certify that those foods are really harmless to save their own embarrassment like what Americans studies have said that use of mobile phone is harmless, if it harms, then harm is very minimum. It could not be otherwise.
You will soon see how these two reports wil be widely cited and quoted by mobile tower companies . Actually, world is driven by economics, life of a human being is not sacrosanct. We cannot fight against anything very organized—national or international, we have to accept it, acceptance brings peace of mind.


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This time Milon Mancha with its active and like minded members visited KALAGHODA FESTIVAL yesterday ie on 7.2.18. This is one of their many usual weekend programmes, spending minimum time and energy and this particular one was almost without any expenditure, producing enormous entertainment for its members. Members in the group visited many art and crafts spots in the fair/festival.
Artisans from distant rural places came and displayed their work. It was very exciting and educative.
This Milon Mancha group consisted of Rudra Mondal, Sharmistha Mondal, Paromita Mukharjee Mallick, Moumita samanta, Tripti Chakraborty etc etc. There were as many as 15 members. Members sang full throated songs in chorus, they danced all over the place, caught the attention of all those present in this august venue. ….. three dance dramas were enjoyed, those are respectively—Kathhak , Brahmaputra naad to nadi (Tamasru, sang here), and Blango performed by a couple from Greece.
Activities of Milon Mancha became a centre point of attention in Kala Ghoda yesterday, their activities were widely videoed, and photographed by many other curious visitors. See the photographs in other place of this facebook page because they will tell their own story. For members, it was minimum spending of time, in almost 5 hours everything was covered. Thanks Milon Mancha.
Last but not least, Milon Mancha’s next program is to travel to Nagaland and Manipur, in the month of April this year. It is likely to be a tough and hardy tour, expected to spread over 15 days.


Ticketless passengers travel Rajdhani express by bribing ticket examiner.

Just now ie at 8-00 pm of 2nd February, 2018, I watched an elaborate sting report in ABP ANANDA TV channel, where bold reporters brought before us how freely and in a carefree way ticketless passengers  can travel in various Rajdhani expresses and other prestigious trains-north, south , east and west,  in the country. The report is quite exhaustive, and I would suggest every citizen of the country , if possible, to collect and preserve this video podcast as a record for future. There cannot be anything untrue in the reports as the reporters showed us vivid video records by their hidden camera. As a sufferer, I say that this is no short of classic  dimension, reporters have given a great service to the nation. What is important that the guilty involved in this misdeeds who  are propagating this corruption , doing it boldly, have no fear. Appears there is no control of authority over this corruption, looks they are powerless. The corruption here irrespective of the color of the Govt. in power, like many other aspect are practiced systematically. There is no chance that this will change ever.

It is a gross violation of ethics that ticketless passengers who should have been thrown behind bars are pampered with allotment of birth against collection of bribe money in important trains like Rajdhani express/ Duronto. Bribe is the main consideration. With this kind of attitude, any terrorist may safely get into a safe berth in the Rajdhani, Duronto etc, and cause damage to hundreds of passengers and railway property. Now it is understandable why and how passengers’  luggage are regularly stolen from prestigious trains, inspite of presence of coach attendant, ticket collector, bedding boy, catering staff, and of course, security guards around. The grave thing is that whenever theft occurs, all these people I have mentioned are not around, the person who have lost the luggage frantically run about to find a solace, they find none at this crucial time. Victims of theft of luggage in the prestigious trains accuse the train staff involved in it—if you are a regular newspaper reader, you must have read of this suspicion in newspaper many many times. After watching in the ABP Ananda’s video today, the kind of involvement of ticket examiner in facilitating ticketless travelling in Rajdhani and other prestigious trains, it looks that it is very much possible there may be  active involvement of train staff in the periodic theft of luggage in Rajdhani/ Duronto Trains. In this backdrop, God forbid, if tomorrow there is any terrorist induced train accident, these train staff will definitely have a hand in it simply because these staff can do anything in exchange of money. We are unsecured, who will save us?? Who will hear us? None, because there is no saviour around.

The sting operation of ABP ANANDA also have shown how bad, unhealthy, adulterated and risky  food in all sorts, are served to the passengers with impunity. The railway authority does not seem to have any control on the operators, from the talks of railway officials it seems they are just helpless, cannot have any control in distant future even. It looks nobody-irrespective of the color of the Govt., is in a position to administer a country of 130 crores people. I sympathize for it is too big a task for them, I think that dividing the country at least in 200 independent self contained states in the present Indian union, where a common citizen can meet any minister whenever he requires and discuss his problem. Dear reader, I want to ask whether you have  ever been successful to met your minister whenever you needed, I am sure, you never could meet. Because they are too far and too few, for an ocean of people.

I had such an experience in that I desperately wanted to meet our prime minister, but I miserably failed. My idea was to express my grievance to him. The issue was I lost my luggage in the train on 22.10.2016, while I was coming to Mumbai from Howrah in  a ACII tier coach, in train no-12210. We seven passengers were drugged by the thieves before stealing away our luggage. After the loss, all of coach attendant, ticket examiner, bedding suppliers and catering staff were mysteriously vanished……we contacted private channels to inform of our theft and they started telecasting it in TV nation wide..This nationwide telecast made the authorities to move. Their packaging part begun to function, groups of railway staff/policemen started visiting us asking the same question repeatedly and irritatingly. FIR was lodged. As was expected, after six months, they informed that on not being able to recover the luggage they were closing the case. You know that it would have this fate anyway. That’s why, out of seven people who lost the luggage on that day, four did not report their loss as we did , because they knew nothing would be done by police/ or the railway authority. I admit that their foresight was more than mine. You can understand my anger.

Next I registered myself in  much publicized PMO’s grievance website.  As you know in this website, when you want to register you have to submit all your details like detailed postal address, mail id, phone nos etc etc, and I submitted all those, moreover, otherwise, the site would not have accepted my registration . I submitted all the details of my theft case also, seeking a compensation of Rs 40, 000 for my loss, also wanted to meet the prime minister personally. Now what followed is interesting  …………in reply PM’s office asked for my details ( it was not necessary at all because by submitting my details only I was registered in the site). Again I submitted all my details—theft case and contact details, still the reply was same ‘ submit your details’ without any elaboration or change of words. Now, it dawned upon me actually they did not want to do anything, at this I submitted that I understood that it was really difficult to rule a country of 130 crores people, and I did not like to pursue my case anymore.

Now finally I wonder if an educated man like me has to suffer like this, don’t get justice, what must have been the fate and suffering of crores of my illiterate, half-fed, unfed, naked countrymen???? In this backdrop, I wish I lived in a small, compact, well administered society where my safety, security and dignity would be ensured. !!!!!!!!!!…may be in my next birth my dream will be realized.

[ whenever I am aggrieved/ angry about anything, I tell it to my friends in an adda. This gives me a great relief, brings a  good night’s sleep, I have done the same thing here. The change is instead of speaking I wrote it down in this blog. This blog for me just what was the cloud for the great poet Kalidasa—of course, before he received the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.]