It’s how public figures behave!!!!!!!


It’s how our public figures behave. I did not like it. About  one , he does not have any learning, the  other although very experienced and learned, whistling in a public place does not set a good example. The latter did not do it any parliament house but that does not make her guilt lighter. In olden days we could not think of this. Being in august position, you must not be a gentleman or woman only–that’s essential and the minimum, you must look to be so, also. Both the actions are out of tune and condemnable.

I want to protest it, and could not go to public to express my grievance. I have done it here in my blog. I know that I am insignificant, but I feel lighter at heart. If anybody has read it, thanks to him.





A place to express myself without any attempt to look good, intelligent--a raw version of me. It includes discussion as we have in an ADDA comprising argumentative Indians. In an ADDA people break ranks to speak on anything on which the speaker may be an expert including a self-styled ones or a stark-novice, but asserts equally in full voice, to put forward their wisdom . Nothing to be taken too seriously, there is a joy in talking unrestricted--nothing far and no further. In it, I find a bond to hundreds of my people, from my school days to the day of my retirement ,which otherwise I could not make access only I talk, nobody can stop me. Here, you will experience ' right to talk ' in its extremes. THIS GIVE ME A GREAT RELEASE . LONG LIVE MY BLOG AND DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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