Homeopathy–quackery and fraud?????–its sheer nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was listening to a TED talk under the subject title. The page carried the introduction as “Legendary skeptic James Randi takes a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills onstage, kicking off a searing 18-minute indictment of irrational beliefs. He throws out a challenge to the world’s psychics: Prove what you do is real, and I’ll give you a million dollars. (No takers yet.)”

I listened to the talk, you  may also listen for yourself, by clicking the above link. He strongly condemned all para normal and supernatural instances those we talk of, and at times, encounter on the streets; described those as be-fooling others and for making cheap money. Up to this I have no objection, but I have serious objection when he trashes Homeopathy as a whole. Whatever may be his reputation, I will say he does not have full knowledge of homeopathy. Although I am not  a Homeopathy doctor, I challenge his observation on Homeopathy. Homeopathy cures, I can provide evidence in support from my own experience, but it is true that advance guarantee can not be given that a particular homeo medicine, will cure certain diseases, with certainty as often happens with an allopathic medicine or surgery.

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I have a proof that homeopathy is a therapy, and it acts. Some 30 years back, my wife used to suffer from migraine, and no allopathy doctor, could cure her. I spent a lot on medicines and pathological tests. Next, being frustrated, myself a layman on the subject, studied a few books and applied ONOSMODIUM-30, she was cured like a magic in a few minuites. This gave me a deep conviction that –yes, it is therapy, real therapy at that. After this personal experience, should I believe anybody–however famous he may be, when he says homeopathy  is a quackery ?? I hope to write him a letter soon protesting his observation. Will you join me?? Thanks for reading.




–Is outer space really the silent and lifeless place it’s often depicted to be? Perhaps not. Astrophysicist and musician Matt Russo takes us on a journey through the cosmos, revealing the hidden rhythms and harmonies of planetary orbits. The universe is full of music, he says — we just need to learn how to hear it.

2.- https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend?referrer=playlist-the_most_popular_talks_of_all

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.


Way to cross the life’s crowded Roads (!!!???###)


It is a big bad world, and this man, perhaps from long and bitter experience found out a way , how to live in this world, and applied it to cross the crowded city road. Does this point out to us the real art of living in this complex unfair world?. Very difficult to say. Many will have many opinions. It stokes me into thinking to find the correct answer. Hope, those of you read it, will give your opinion. I have seen how wealthy, well-educated , highly placed people, resorts to corruption, without any compunction. Don’t write them off , those are in no way mean people, they enjoy social position; you may like or don’t like them , you can’t say anything on their face, if you dare otherwise , you will pay the price and that through your nose….. those are fiercely manipulative people, can make you — the innocent,  maligned with the guilt projected from their own!!!!! IS IT THE TRICK TO SUCCESS?

Listen to an un-success story. Syed  Mujtaba Ali, a great literary giant in Bengali literature, was talking to Shankar, a much junior writer, but widely acclaimed in Bengali literary, intellectual circle. I should mention some details here, that will make the context clear–Mujtaba Ali was not awarded any coveted prize till then, but relatively lesser writer, Shankar, got many such prizes by then. Shankar, out of respect to the writer, Mujtaba Ali, enquired how an insignificant writer like himself, could get so many awards, while giants like Ali, did not get any. In reply, what Ali said, was quite significant. He told an anecdote in that connection– that  a small rat and a an elephant were waiting at the side of a muddy land at the center of which there was clear potable water, both were thirsty, the rat  sprinted over the mud quickly , quenched its thirst, and returned satisfied.  But the elephant as soon as  put his leg on the muddy land to quench his thirst, sank into the mud due to its heavy weight, died. Conclusion is that in this dirty muddy world the good people are often ignored. Thus, behind many successes, there are many dirty muddy stories. Perhaps my young man in the video learnt the dubious trick.



Heads are rolling, Nana patekar, Aloke nath, M J Akbar. Many , many others are trickling in, soon those will pour in like a heavy shower. M. J. Akbar has come back from his foreign tour, and resigned also by this time. Everyday newspapers are carrying the news , revealing new names who used power, to exploit sexually women placed junior to them. Exploitation of women by men, sexually, is not a new thing, it has been happening from time immemorial, in one form or the other, and I for one do not think, it will ever stop, in the known set ups. Undoubtedly, these sexual exploitation, takes away self respect and dignity of living and freedom from the life of women. Ideally, at least,in a democratic set-up these should not occur.
I recommend a political party may be formed under #ME TOO. Their agenda should be formed, and well publicized. There may be debates, bringing in all sorts of points, opinions, suggestions regarding sexual vulnerability of women and remedial actions. As half of us, are women, response to such political parties will be fierce from all classes…….and if everything goes well as per present expectation, such parties will come to power, and take remedial action.
It may so happen alternatively that such debates will take us nowhere, and people will not talk of it anymore. Conclusion is that when God created human being, left an unfinished task intentionally, wished us to continue to search for it. So far only affected women were protesting bringing in allegation against men. Now, from opposite sides defamation cases being filed, and nos are increasing. A section of women are raising their voice against this # ME TOO. American president used his position to sexually use his assistant Monica lewinsky, now his wife, Hillary Clinton, is defending him saying it was not a case of abuse of power. Wives of accused are filing suits against those making allegation. Many women are started talking about this, one such is given below from today’s TOI. I am sure such objections will rise. Friend, please read the report in TOI —
At a time when the #MeToo movement is shaking up gender dyna ..
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I’m Indian Muslim, Not Pakistani Muslim – CPIM, Mohammed Salim.

Here is a brilliant lecture by CPIM’s Mohammed Salim, in parliament. This lecture has the quality of textbook precision. Every school and college student listen to it, and that too quite often. Marxists, ruled 34 years in Bengal, although, initially, they did great job in teaching people their rights in this world–that they have equal right in the resources of this world. Their right is no less than that of a rich man, who unfairly, by virtue of their dexterity, cornered a great part of national wealth. Leftist Govt taught people the right…But at the latter part of the rule, they became greedy just like others. People’s representatives, soon became corrupt, and served their interest. Gradually, power shifted to the goondas, criminals. Education, industry spoiled in the state. Although,Govt changed, now TMC, is in power. These people are worse. Some think that if BJP comes to power next, things will improve, but I am not hopeful.

Sorry, I drifted from secularism to political degeneration. Getting back to the main issue, I would say, CPIM’s main philosophy is solid and laudable. They are really secular. This is very much essential for survival of India. Going by this, Mohd Salim’s lecture given above, is very important. After coming to power, BJP tried to reform many things, and like many economists, I also praise Modi on those count. In many fronts he has not produced result as promised, still I would not go against him on those count, especially because there is no other leader visible. But on secularism front he has failed miserable. He may have cured or in the process of curing many ills in the core sector, he is no good to maintain religious harmony, and India can not survive without religious harmony. I never say minorities are faultless, and as pure as Ganga water. There are many devisive elements among them, especially in the disadvantaged section in terms of education and wealth, but in upper class muslims, I do not see any devisive elements. For the interest of India, we must restore religious harmony. Hard religious practice do not survive, it will perish, along with its creators, just like ISIS, and alquaida, are perished or perishing. In this background, and associated philosophy of statecraft, Mohd Salim’s lecture in parliament, is relevant to me, and my kind of people. JAI HIND.

Wash Vegitable with baking soda.

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An important note:
On behalf of Tata Hospital, it is reported that washing vegetables and fruits brought from the market, with water mixed with one spoon of baking soda, will help clean them of any chemicals sprayed on them. This is a good way to protect against cancer.

All of you are urged to send this information to all your friends and relatives.
Dr.Niraj shrivastav

‘Idiocracy’ among 1,400 new words in Oxford dictionary ( collected from TOI )

A government formed of people considered
ignorant or idiotic — is among 1,400 new words, senses, and phrases
added in the latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary.
The dictionary records over 100 words derived ultimately from the Greek
suffix -cracy, meaning ‘power’ or ‘rule’.
The new addition idiocracy, refers to a society consisting of or governed
by people characterized as idiots, or a government formed of people
considered stupid, ignorant, or idiotic.
Words like democracy and aristocracy originated in ancient Greek, but by
the 18th century, -ocracy was being added to English words, as in
statocracy and mobocracy.
In the 19th century, the trickle of such formations became a flood, with many of the new words being terms of ridicule, a
tradition to which idiocracy belongs; the earlier terms foolocracy (1832) and idiotocracy (used by Ambrose Bierce in 1909)
express a similar concept.
Idiocracy itself is first attested in 1967, but it owes its current prominence to the title of the satirical 2006 film Idiocracy, which
depicts a dystopian future in which the human race has become extremely ignorant, stupid, and anti-intellectual.

The quaterly update also added the term ‘trapo’. In Philippine English, trapo which describes a politician perceived as
belonging to a conventional and corrupt ruling class.
Trapo’s is an abbreviation of the English phrase ‘traditional politician’, but with punning allusion to the Tagalog word trapo (‘rag’),
which in turn is borrowed from Spanish.
Another new item from Philippine English is the adjective bongga, borrowed from Tagalog, which means extravagant,
flamboyant, impressive, stylish, or excellent.
The Oxford English Dictionary undergoes revision four times every year. Apart from new words and phrases, new senses are
added to existing words.
Some new entries are in fact extremely old, that were not identified in previous editions.
This update sees the addition of bedunged — that has been soiled with or covered in dung — which is first recorded from the
early 15th century.
It persists in modern use, but is now considered archaic or used self-consciously for stylistic effect, as in a newspaper article.