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Discrimination, Muslim, Vandemataram


In India ‘ Vande mataram’ is always an issue, but do not always  reach a crisis point unless it is poked. This time the crisis is a fall out of a Madras High court judgement. The judge in the judgement, made a passing remark that schools, private institutions and all offices should sing the song vandemataram as a mark of patriotism. Judges are judges , are not partisan but they are also human being like us, not angels from heaven, brought up in the culture of the same society, may have some biases unknowingly.
Nobody can deny that last 2/3 years, there has been a divide between communities, mainly Hindus and Muslims. The division has a long history. Vandemataram was composed by Bankim chandra Chatterjee in 1876, published in 1882 and included in his famous book Anandamath. It sings the glory of our motherland, worships her, visualises her beauty adorned with nature, and ornaments. The spirit is ‘ HAIL MOTHERLAND’.

During this time of composition and publishing of the song, Indian national congress was founded, and the thought of demand of independence from British rule started picking up. In such a situation, meeting, processions and slogans were common for the awakening of the massee for the movement. The noise and tune in the word-Bande mataram- worked well for the masses as a slogan for awakening them preparing for fighting against the British. ‘ Vandemataram’ Slogan became popular with everybody , not in Bengal alone, but throughout the country. There was a magic in the call of Vandemataram,  everybody would be united.
The song was sung by Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi ended his letters with the word ‘Vandemataram’.
All congress party meeting would begin and end with Vandemataram . The song became a rallying point; for Indians it was patriotism, for the British it was a call for wresting away their colony. For uttering Vandemataram British shot, jailed, hanged the freedom fighters. Freedom fighters put to gallows would die shouting the slogan Vandemataram on the gallows. This aroused the passion of Indians for freedom– Such was its appeal.

With such a background, it is natural that this song could enjoy the status of the national anthem. In fact, initially, it was considered as a national anthem, and the word vandemataram included in the first version of the national flag of India. Later on, as the tuning of the song did not fit in with playing the Band on it, it was replaced by janaganamana as the national anthem, and Vandemataram came to be declared as the national song.  Vandemataram is still the national song.

Going by the background, all Indians should hail it. But Muslims has reservations in uttering this—as they say they cannot consider the country as mother and has reservations to place her above the country. I am a Bengali, from childhood very much attached to the song, I would sing the song loudly not able to pronounce the sanscritised words correctly, even not understanding the meaning of the song . I still remember how I would wake up very early in the morning of Republic  and independence days , would run to my refugee-school, attired in my best– clean but worn-out clothes—would file-up, walk past and listen to lectures of our old and frail primary school teachers clad in dhoti-kurta, and would sing in chorus vandemataram as loud as our voice would permit. At last, school would give us a piece of sweet as reward, and we would romp home with a sweet memory, and would long for return of the day.

I spoke about me and my emotional involvement with it, so I am all in favour of welcoming the song in any form, anything different from it I cannot consider. Every Indian should sing the song without reservation. I have reason to believe that, unprovoked, large majority of Muslims also do not have objection to sing the song. Yet, sometimes we hear  objections to it but in my opinion this objection is only a reaction to our hard-core hindus’  attempt to impose hindu values  on the muslims. Hindus should Stop playing the role of watchman, leave the muslims free, everybody will sing Vandemataram with love as any Indian should.

A section of Hindus have been downgrading other religions and their religious practices , this is isolating them, and the net result is discriminated-groups come together and assert themselves on the society by denying everything what is imposed upon them. It is natural. Any community or group of people will do the same, there is nothing wrong in it, I will also do the same put under similar circumstances.

Present Politics of religion in the country is serious, the game brought BJP to power. May be BJP is not intending destruction of Muslim, it’s a ploy with a purpose to divide the society on the basis of religion, and then asking votes from the Hindus who already have become identifiable as a chunk, and then just pick up the chunk as a vote bank. This is the way BJP came to power in Major part of the country, now they are continuing same policy to win the rest of the country.
But it is playing with fire. Already the country is visibly polarised, minorities are isolated and humiliated everyday. They are  nursing their wounds. A little bit  more, it may go exploding the history of India. Through my experience in life I have seen the best way to raise the strength of a man is to constantly harass  him, soon the victim will collect the strength for survival,  will become the strongest and overpower his oppressor in his game.

Muslims must not be harassed, oppressed or humiliated –its not in their interest, it is in the interest of majority community.. Muslims will not  react anymore. They won’t have the necessity to assert themselves, result is they will be singing Vandemataram  with the Hindus. INDIA WILL LIVE LONG.



Safety and dignity of passengers in the Indian Railway vis-a-vis repeated theft.


I am not to reveal anything exciting because what I suffered in the Rail is familiar to many many people from their own experience. People even don’f complain because they do not have confidence in Govt machinery. All have a store of their bitter experiences from direct incidents of their life .I want tell one of my experience about a train journey.
I boarded Train for my journey to Mumbai on 21.10.2016 from Howrah station, the name of the train was Howrah Mumbai Express, Train no was 12810, coach AC 1 15. Train was packed, usual pantry car staff and police as security guards, were all seen doing their rounds. Coach attendant was also present . Suddenly, in the next morning I woke up at about six in the morning to the alarm raised my wife , and other passengers, that our baggages were stolen. There was an uncommon medicinal smell in the coach. What is surprising in a coach of 72 passengers, all were in deep sleep. It was thought later that most likely that sleeping drug was sprayed sending us to unconscious sleep, making it convenient for the thieves to take out luggage from deep inside under the lower birth seat, my wife in her cautiousness placed the costly suitcase hidden at the far end behind other passenger’s luggage. None of us could be aware of taking out of the luggage by the thieves in the process, in our unconscious sleep under the influence of spayed drug. Total seven passengers lost their luggage through this theft. Quite surprisingly, none of the coach attendant, security guards, bedding supplying man, pantry men could be located , all of us running from end to end of the coach in desperation. Some of those must have been involved in thr theft.
Passengers were angry of the physical loss and insecurity. Some of the passengers telephoned to private channels like ABP ananda, 24 Ghanta etc. These channels did a great job, they talked to us live on the channel, contacted various Railway authorities, even Rail Ministry, everybody assured us that guilty would be punished, we would be compensated. Channels did a great job, for some channel it was day’s most important news. Awakened, a lot of men—Rail staff in civil and uniform came and enquired about the loss from us, a police troupe came and noted down details and got us signed, and assured us FIR will be lodged in Bilaspur PS. Out of 7 Passengers who lost the luggage, four did not show any interest to report saying that it was going to be a futile exercise. But I was pumped up with enthusiasm, that something would happen ultimately, our goods would be found out or else, compensation would be paid. Suddenly I started feeling I am an important man and thought good of our Govt. Now when I look back I realize it was only childish on my part, my temporary euphoria amidst loss of belongings later died down. All these police actions after the loss and their assurances in this connection was only a packaging without any content, on discovery of the same this filled me with frustration and hopelessness, cursing the self that we are unfortunate to be born as Indian. We do not have the dignity of living. If this is the condition of educated man travelling a AC class, what must be the condition of the multitudes totally uncared for living in far flung places. India exists in two levels, one is rich and corrupt who enjoy everything good in this world, and the other level is poor, half fed, unfed and deseased, they are born unnoticed, die unnoticed, remains uncounted during entire life.
A few days after reaching home I lodged my grievance in the PMO’s grievance redressal site, they forwarded my grievance to Bilaspur RPF police station because the crime primarily occurred in their jurisdction. After several reminder there was a reply after six months in the grievance site that Bilaspur police’s investigation was complete, the outcome of investigation was that they neither could catch the rogue , nor recover the Lost baggage—it was a foregone conclusion!!!!.
In reply to that I asked in the grievance site that now police acknowledged the loss, and their investigation could not recover the loss or catch the thief, I should now be paid compensation of Rs 40,000/- which at the time of first reporting was shown to be the value of my loss. Next, they informed in the site that they are not the compensation giving authority, I might approach the concerned authority—here they should have guided me by mentioning the name of the authority of the Deptt/Govt where I could next claim the related compensation. They kept mum as if compensation giving authority belongs to some other Govt of some other country on which they do not have control and they do not have the knowledge.
I then wanted to meet our Prime minister personally to apprise him the day- to -day suffering of common man in the hand of insensitive administration by citing my case. The reply was—“’ In completed details to passenger. Please submitted to complete details. “, must be the reply was given not more than a class IV staff. Any sensitive man will have a feeling that grievance redressal machinery at PMO office is not at all serious about your problem or intend to solve it at all, it is simply a window dressing, at its best it is an attempt to put up something looking good where there was none before. Differences amount to this only, nothing more; whereas on the ground we are dreaming that at last the man has come to deliver the Indians from the abysmal depth. In balance, I would like to say that this is the dignity we Indians live with. WHAT MUST MUST HAVE BEEN THE DIGNITY CITIZENS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES ENJOY!!!!! I….. I FEEL JELOUS OF THEM, AND YOU??.
12.jpg For information to my readers, my final submission to the PMO office is as follows—“ In this connection this is my last. I know your office will do nothing, still please read the disposal under ref at MORLY/E/2017/11738 dated 08.06.2017 in this site. Your office’s disposal done in a perfunctory manner. This is humiliating for any sensitive citizen, if I were born in a developed country-would it have been my fate?? You can understand the dignity with which we common Indians live. If this is the helplessness of an educated man, imagine what will be the kind of helplessness of the half- fed, unfed, deaseased, naked multitude Indians. My man-ki-baat is– can I be a citizen proud of my country with this treatment meted out to me ???? I know you are trying to change the country but administering a country of 130 crore people is Herculean.I have my support for you.




Modiji—Take note, your popularity is declining.

united we stand, devided we fall

Right now what is at the top of my mind is that you are no longer popular, if your indicators have not yet recorded it , it is not that I am wrong, rather, your studies and indicators are faulty. It is time you must set yout indicators  right. How the pilgrims to Amarnath temple have been killed ?. Definitely, your international diplomacy against terrorism, so called deep thought on revamping the security machinery, constant talk of new zeal in administration in fight against terrorism and all associated ills, have turned out a flop. You told us your dramatic surgical strike inside Pakistan, broke the backbone of terrorism, we were made to believe that there was the end of terrorism. Just look at the comments in the social networking sites,  you will see how blindly people was supporting and reposing your faith in you.

Today what we see. Terrorism continuing unabated, armed men comng across the border to kill our soldiers, their body being mutilated. Just think of their family, they are mostly from the poor families. Your surgical strike did not produce any respite to the people of India, all of whom are affected by now. I want to ask you, did surgical strike happened at all?  If they were killed then, how they are around now?? Or it was only a publicity stant.

It is the job of terrorists to create terror aided by our enemy, calculated to bring destruction to our country and people, and they are successful. So far thousands of our people maimed, killed, crores of wealth destroyed. Who knows how many more will die???? Now common citizen is so much scared that when they come out of home, they ponder if at all will they will return home safely? Does not this insecurity sapping their happiness??

But there is nothing to be astonished that enemy will damage us–they think destroying us is their religious duty. We can not fault them, they find a virtue in it, they have been programmed this way. Just blaming them and cursing them will not help. It is the duty of those guarding the nation to make arrangement so that such violence do not occur at all. This has not been done.

This is not alone, we undergone the hardship of demonetization believing that whatever you do must be good for the nation. You saw how all the nation became one through common suffering, whole nation was in queue in front of ATMs day and night, some of them succumbed to death, but there was no uprising against the Govt while going by the scale of it, it contained such a potential really. I was your whole hearted admirer argued in favour of your demonitisation whenever even a lone voice rose against you. What the nation have got out of demonitization?  Nothing clear.  But I supported demonitisation because you did it.

You brought in some element which Indians did not know before. Your policy have set one community against the other. I live an area where Hindu, Muslim  and Christians were living peacefully one with other. But now one suspects the other thinking the other is a potential threat. When men of one community chit chat, while any from other community pass by, immediately, discussion stops and topics of discussion switches….such is the level of confidence of one community on the other!!!!. This was not the situation earlier.  We saw talk of Sanskrit making compulsory subject, Geeta to be read by all, all should respect cow, and then atrocities of cow vigilantes against muslims. There is clear discrimination against muslims. This has damaged Indian society irreparably. India did never know it before. Truly there is a clear separation emotionally of the minority community from the majority—the fiber of the society is torn which was built over hundreds of years.

By emotionally isolating  Muslims we are inviting ISIS influence to India. One must understand the psychology of any minority, even if there is no hostility there exists a perceived discrimination already. Add to this the actual discrimination being perpetrated against Muslims now a days. Muslim put to in such a situation will search for  sympathy and security. This is a fertile ground for recruitment from across the border from Pakistan, and from ISIS who will do everything to win over these unhappy Muslims, this will strengthened the hands of Muslim terrorist. Nobody should make the Muslims threatened, they should be given the place they enjoyed traditionally in Indian society. I would go to the extent to say that Majority community has some responsibility, it is their duty to protect the minority and see to their safety. This is in the interest of Indian nation.

Modiji, whole nation knows you are different from others. Their confidence and love put you where you are. You are honest, your oratory makes you a hero to all Indians, although by this time economic progress is not evident yet it looks you will deliver goods to Indian economy and businesses ultimately. But see that no discrimination against Muslims will help India . At the time of closing the article, there is news that driver of the Bus carrying the pilgrims to Amarnath, Salim Mirza, a 37 years young muslim drove the bus skillfully and bravely 2km while bullets were showered on it, he could have easily stop and surrender the pilgrims to the terrorist, he did not. He risked and saved pilgrim’s life. If there is one bad muslim, there are hundreds good.



In Mumbai, monsoon is of epic quality, unless you drown yourself in it, you do’t know what it is.

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Today is a day in the second week of July, monsoon is in full swing in Mumbai. I am enjoying. In fact, for the whole year I wait for this season, and that is on us now. I am now in form for enjoying the great gift of the nature –the rain of Mumbai.

It rains for four months from june to September, and in july, it is most active. It rains continuously often for several days without any respite. Without water no human being can live, it is true everywhere but for Mumbai the story is a little bit different. True, all around there is water but it is salty and undrinkable, underground water is also salty. Here comes the heavy rain as a rescue, without it Present life in Mumbai would not be sustainable.  Rain water is  collected in a number of lakes in and around  Mumbai city, and this water is supplied to households throughout the year. Fortunately, there is abundance of rain, enough for the requirement of people for Mumbai. This rain water is soft unlike hard water of my city Kolkata, cleans clothes and produce excess leather with soap, helps maintain whiteness of white clothes.

In real sense rain is abundant here. From June to September, we get heavy shower. Rainy season is a festival  time. All enjoys rain, sometime it rains incessantly for days together without any stop. Although there is wide storm water drain everywhere which is cleaned before the onset of rain, by BMC readying for monsoon rain , yet within hours of heavy downpour make the roads waterlogged. Sky is dark with black clouds, sea swells with high tide; beaches of Juhu, Marina, sea front at Worli is  great sights to be seen and enjoyed. Thousands of people rush there amid heavy rains and high tides in sea, completely drenched, dancing and shouting. Some cannot control themselves in their enthusiasm to enjoy the waves of sea defying police restriction, and at times costing their life unfortunately.

Mumbai is a business city and commercial capital of the country, here people from all over the country come to earn their livelihood. Most of them  and hardworking ones, become successful. Local Marathi people are warm, friendly and cooperative. People, enriched with this background, do not miss a chance to enjoy every bit of rain. In the midst of incessant, torrential rain, people do not have any complaints—its common sight that people, wet and drenched to the skin, go about doing their regular work with a smiling face, having no complaints against rain.

It is in sharp contrast with my native Kolkata. During scorching summer they beg for rain but as soon as it comes, they start complaining for stagnant water, clogged drain and happy saying good bye to it. Actually, I have observed there people are intolerant, impatient and mostly of complaining nature. A complaining man/ woman can never get success of highest order.

Coming back to rain, I like to say  whole of Maharashtra is enjoyable in rains. Tourists from the city visit hills and waterfalls of Lonavela, Khandala, Mahabaleswar, Ganapatipule and many other places—those are simply superb. Those have not enjoyed the beauty of it till now, may come to enjoy. It is unforgettable.



Given proper attention, tourism  can earn foreign exchange as much as IT does, or even more.


India has a tremendous potential for tourism, both in terms of geography and history. It is an important destination for the domestic and foreign tourists. There are desert, seas, hills and mountains—inhabited by people from diverse cultures, religions, languages, food habits wearing colourful costumes. Not this alone , look at our history from before Indus valley civilization through various reigns and kingdoms, their relics, monuments etc. What India projects as a single country to foreign tourist, a continent–say Europe, in its whole can not.  Even when our illiterate/ half-literate people colorfully attired goes to vote on foot or on the back of a camels is a sight  enjoyed by a foreigner.

Tourism is just not an event in isolation, it means a lot to our economy. In 2016, India Govt earned Rs 1,55,650 crores in foreign exchange from tourism. It contributes approx7%-directly and indirectly, as compared to 2% from mining and 7% from much touted IT outsourcing, to our GDP, and in direct and indirect way provides employment to approx 11% of our people. Tourisn brings business to cottage industries, agriculture, hotels etc.

But tourism potential has not been fully exploited. In spite of its size, India is 38th most visited nation in the world—8.89 million visitors received by continent-sized India in 2016 while 16.4 million received by city-sized Singapore. There is infrastructural problem, there are shortage of quality  hotels—above all there are acute security problem. Women tourists are not safe; often there are reports of rape. Judicial delays does not allow justice to be met in a reasonable time. All these damages the image of India, ultimately coming in the way of fully realizing the tourist potential. There is another sector which needs Govt attention. This is medical tourism. India has a huge no of efficient doctors and paramedic staff  as also some well equipped hospitals where patients from rich countries come and take medical treatment or undergo surgeries at much lesser cost than their own countries. This group of doctors and paramedical staff have worked in those developed countries, worked with sophisticated medical equipments for treating the patients. Those experiences will help them to treat the patients from developed countries at a much cheaper cost. Our Govt may create necessary infrastructure and improve law and order situation to attract foreign tourists. Thus, tourism as a whole can create a lot of wealth for the nation.





Shri Rudra Mondal , leader of Milon mancha, enjoying a ride on the beach of Ganapatipule.

Ganapatipule is a small town located in the Ratnagiri district on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, some 375 km south of Mumbai, along the Konkan coast. It is a calm, quite and serene place inhabitated by a very small no of people. There is a Ganesh temple 400 years old, hence it is a place of pilgrimage for devout Hindus. In addition to its clean beach and clean waters, Ganapatipule is rich in flora, including mangroves and coconut palms.

At the top of the world

Shri Rudra Mondal of Four Banglas in Andheri, is almost a wanderer. All his life he was an avid traveller. His retirement from job, has added a big opportunity to travel frequently. He leads a team of like minded people who lose no opportunity to travel  as soon as they arrive.  Not only this he is a great photographer, for him photography is an art. All the photographs used in this blog post were snapped by him, If you enjoy the beauty of photographs, do not forget to give credit to him.



What is the solution of the mess of Indian healthcare ( collected from facebook page of Dr Dushayant khedekar)

Bohr Committee advised for Indian Medical Services, in line of Indian Administrative services in year 1948 . After that many Committees were formed on same subject but recommendations not implemented.

It is high time that government should immediately nationalise healthcare services in India.

Till 1990 it was mainly government hospitals which were providing healthcare services to masses & there were very few private hospitals. In city of Delhi in name of private care, we had only three – four trust run charitable hospitals like Moolchand Hospital, Saint Stephen Hospital, Holy Family Hospital & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

In that era everyone including politicians & bureaucrats used to go to government hospitals for healthcare needs.

Then something suddenly changed, Corporate hospitals entered into scene. We became confused between socialism & capitalism. Our government started running away from its responsibility of providing quality free education & free healthcare to masses. It led to growth of big Corporate hospitals .

Our governments encouraged growth of private healthcare by neglecting government hospitals & our neighbourhood dispensaries & health centres. Government stopped investing in healthcare & our centres of excellence started coming under stress & deteriorating.

Population kept on growing but proportionate increase in government hospital beds were not made. Staffing was not increased, infrastructure was not upgraded. Government hospitals started being identified as poorly managed & equipped facilities, where even poorest is scared to go .

With liberalisation of Indian economy, we tilted towards becoming a capitalist society, everything is opened to private sector. Here began the entry of Corporates in healthcare, which stepped in to fill the vacuum created by failing & falling standards of government healthcare infrastructure to fulfil the health need & aspirations of quality conscious new rich or affording class.

Till now as we were getting free or subsidised healthcare, we didn’t realise that healthcare is an expensive affair. Our policy makers were aware that is why they had stopped investing on new technologies. New technologies were very expensive & most machines are imported & hence we started feeling the pinch.
Corporate hospitals brought best technologies & expertise to India but it was very expensive and was affordable for only a very few. We became confused, we wanted those best treatments but they were beyond our affordability, it started creating frustration among us . We are in catch 22 situation, we are not ready to go to government hospitals but finding it difficult to afford private healthcare. We wanted five star facilities in hospitals, while it was beyond our means.

Land for many charitable hospitals, slowly & steadily was taken over by Corporate Hospitals & Hospitals like Moolchand, Jessa Ram, G M Modi also became Corporate. Government allowed it in collusion & this option is also taken away from us . We were cornered, government hospitals were not upto standards & unwillingly we were forced to go to Corporate Hospitals.

Health insurance started growing with this new opportunity & we were forced to purchase healthcare policies & additional burden was added to our house hold budget. Now with cashless health care insurance, a cartel started forming, which resisted entry of new hospitals into cashless healthcare networks . This cartel is so strong that in last few years, very few new hospitals have been empaneled by public sector health insurance companies for cashless healthcare services by forming a cartel called GIPSA. Insurance companies along with select hospitals started dictating, which hospitals to go , we started being deprived of free choice to select our hospital & insurance companies started forcing hospitals on us. Government is well aware of this.

Under the confidence of our cashless healthcare policies, we started visiting five star hospitals, for each & every medical problem. Now in serious illnesses our bills started exceeding our insurance limit & we were disturbed & became angry. Yes, that five star hospital was beyond our means & capacity but sometime we were forced by our insurer or sometime we selected them as we wanted the best medical services.

Now a very tricky situation has been created in this country. Government healthcare infrastructure is failing us but 5 star healthcare is not affordable.
To further deteriorate situation, our government started giving panels for government schemes like CGHS & Delhi Health Scheme also, to private & Corporate Hospitals. Now government officials & politicians also dejected government hospitals. Corporate Hospitals handled the whole load due to efficiency of services & better management. These hospitals provided care to affording general public, government panels beneficiaries as well foreign medical tourists. As our law makers & bureaucrats also started going to private hospitals on tax payers money, government hospitals further deteriorated. Now even poorest among the poorest don’t want to go to government hospitals.
Government played another smart trick, instead of strengthening government healthcare infrastructure, which was not cost effective, asked private hospitals to reserve beds for EWS. Public didn’t realise that cost of those bed is also being added to bill of affording patients.

Now situation is, government is running away from its responsibility of providing free healthcare of quality to masses. On surface it shows that it is concerned about public but on the other hand , actually responsible for mess. Small healthcare establishments are being destroyed to create monopoly & hegemony of Corporates . Such rules & conditions are being put, which will lead to closure of all small clinics & nursing homes. There is a big conspiracy & we all need to understand. Tomorrow there will be very few hospitals, which will be providing you cashless healthcare as IRDA in collusion with big Corporates , is making NABH accreditation compulsory for hospital empanelment for cashless insurance. Quality is a facade as there are already Hospitals & NH Registration Acts & CEA, this NABH gimmick is to further marginalise small healthcare establishments & increases their cost of running.

Now I request everyone to understand this whole game, come on streets, before it becomes too late. Demand from government to own up responsibility & immediately implement Indian Medical Services on line of IAS.
Nationalise Indian healthcare & stop running away form its responsibility of providing quality healthcare to masses, free of cost. Government should stop playing a double game of encouraging Corporates & also blaming Private providers , while actually promoting them from behind.

Dear friends, like public, doctors are also at receiving end. Profession is under stress. Corporates are turning doctors into slaves, taking away their autonomy. Healthcare is expensive that is why government is not spending on it . Doctors pay commercial property tax, water & electricity. Huge tax on equipments . Running private practices, fulfilling cost aspirations of public is becoming almost impossible, in current scenario.

Country needs good doctors & excellent health services also. Doctors can’t provide it at cheap rate because it doesn’t come cheap. Like every product, services also have cost but it looks that cost is unaffordable for most of us.

Insurance companies have also failed us.
We need nationalisation of Health Care Services, so that public continue to get world class healthcare & good doctors. Current environment is not very encouraging to select medicine as a career because of very few government jobs , exploitation by Corporates, difficult laws creating hindrance in starting small establishments & non affordability by masses of private healthcare.

Indian Medical Services, will create a proper environment for growth of medical profession as well as Indian healthcare sector.

Please make it a revolution & demand that government should nationalise Indian healthcare & guarantee free, quality healthcare to all citizens of India. This environment of distrust between general public & Medical profession should end. Nation needs its doctors, they’re the best lot.

Hope everyone will introspect & will force government to own up its responsibility towards public, regarding free healthcare.


This is how a conman defrauding your Bank account connected to Aadhar

The caller first asks the victim for their Aadhaar number and then tells them this is a verification call from Unique Identification Authority. The caller then asks them to reveal the code sent to their registered phone number from Unique Identification Authority of India to complete the verification process.
The conman starts a very different process at his end. In this process, the conman uses the OTP to change the phone number linked to the victim’s Aadhaar number on the website. Now, after the change the new mobile phone no connected to this adhar is in the possession of the conman.

The conman’s next step is to download a popular United Payment Interface-supported application, which automatically detects Aadhaar number linked to the SIM card of the phone in which the banking application is installed. At the end of this operation, the conman has access to the victim’s bank account and can initiate banking transactions to remove money.


Education is one of the primary needs of human being in society. Mahatma Gandhi once told the only sin in this world is ignorance. It is not difficult to understand and realise the truth of it. An uneducated man is afflicted with all sorts of ills, and net result is that he cannot live and let live effectively. Lack of education jeopardise his own existence, as well as the existence of the society. In an uneducated environment, there is hunger, ill health, joblessness and perennial poverty—all the essentials for a bad quality life.

As for example, Europe is highly educated, their standard of living, and life expectancy is high. People of Asia and Africa is poorly educated responsible for their sub-standard living, less life expectancy, terrorism etc etc…..inside India, Kerala is highest in education and the result is that all indicators of  high quality living is highest for them. In case of Bihar and MP, education is poor and the net result is  that they live a poor quality life.

Education is important, but unfortunately, one has to spend money to get education. A part of the expenditure is borne by the Govt, the rest, by the student. Basic infrastructure for education is the responsibility of Govt of the country. Developed countries of Europe and present day China afford to spend a respectable % of their GDP on education, underdeveloped countries and India spend less than 1% on education.

In our country as a rule conscious parents struggle hard to arrange money for their wards’ education, often by curtailing essential expenditures of life. These poor people know that education is costly, but ignorance is costlier in terms of the price they have to pay all through the later life because of ignorance. Parents frantically pledge everything to get their wards educated, and the teaching community out for money earning, mercilessly exploit parents’ desperateness for educating.

In this corrupt country, schools do not teach, students throng to coaching classes and parents have to pay hefty fees. Most of the parents cannot pay this fee in a normal way, they have to sell land and other belongings to fund the expenditures due to education. Coaching classes mushroom throughout the country, it has become a big business. Teachers has forgotten to become Gurus of our tradition, they are selfish business men out to amass fortune in a short time capitalising on the student. In this whirlpool parents gasps for breath, they have to make a lone fight with none around to rescue them.

In this bleak environment, digitisation brought in a good hope. Many computer applications have come up, and available in you tube dishing out very rich learning material. Some are free, others are paid but cheap like Biju’s. This apart, many teachers from around the world publishes independent lectures on every topics in their unique ways in you tube, and what is most important, those are mostly free. Those are very systematic videos teaching every topics in every subjects in a colourful audio-visual way. Same topics is delivered differently by different people, which can be played multiple times in their convenient space and time to learn the subjects. Never before access to education was so easy, I feel envy for them considering my time when I grew up struggling, my father unable to support my education.

One such application is KHAN’S ACADEMY and is available free throughout the world in the net, for classes from class I to Graduation in many subjects. The creator is Salman Khan, an American Bengali, he himself with a few most outstanding professors took part in making and publishing the said videos. Presentation is so careful and meticulous that material is understood well by the students. In contrast, what is delivered in lesser standard schools or coaching classes charging high fees are much inferior, yet Khan is free, only thing is that many are not aware of this cheap way of high quality learning.

Children of Bill Gates have also learnt from this source, and appreciated the course material. One more important thing about Khan is that while our Indian system in howsoever perfect manner education is imparted, unknowingly drifts to rote learning, Khan focuses on comprehension only. If you are a parent encourage your children or any other self-motivating students of neighbourhood to use this learning material, by this you can save them spending their money on coaching classes.

There is another opportunity open to aspiring students to educate themselves sitting at home, is EDX–founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions ( more than 90 partners) to learners everywhere. Students come from every country in the world.  Whether one is interested in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, or marketing, EDX have the course for you.  EDX is the only leading MOOC provider that is both non-profit and open source. Some details about EDX–

Schools and Partners

EdX offers the highest quality courses from institutions who share their commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

  • 1,700 +

courses in subjects such as humanities, math, computer science

  • 12 Million +

learners worldwide, representing every country

  • 35 Million +

enrollments across edX courses



Introduce artificial intelligence in public service in India in a wide scale.


ai 1

Sometime back there was a news report that railways will use artificial intelligence henceforth in signalling– this will reduce accidents, improve punctuality in the running of trains. I welcome it because as per the report, accidents in the railways occur due to human factor mostly, and application of AI will naturally reduce the accidents effectively. It is true that introducing AI will create unemployment—still I welcome it. Every accident causes loss of valuable human life and property, and application of AI will save those.  As at present, so many families lose their bread earners, so many are maimed for life every year just because train accidents keep happening due to human inefficiency.

Not alone railways, every department of the Govt should introduce AI. As is now, whether it is railways, Banks, post office, hospitals, municipalities, every department of Govt work inefficiently, causing harassment to tax paying public to whom the country ultimately belongs. There are many reasons for it, staff working there are largely ill-educated people produced by our inefficient education system. Off the cuff ,just remember your last visit in any of those offices for availing service for which those were created, what you have seen? Most probably, staff was away from their seats/ counter or did not present themselves in the counter timely, or were ill-educated, could not communicate well, write well or calculate well, in summary, staff employed there did not rise to your expectation, or to as demanded by the duties they are paid for. Result is that public suffer. Not only this, in every step there is corruption, unless you pay them bribe they won’t work. This is not any new revelation, every citizen of the country have experienced these harassment hundreds of times. The best is to remove whole clerical and lower staff who constitute the bulk as at present, and in their place put artificial intelligence to do their job. AI will do this job in high volume, meticulously, punctually at a much lesser cost. None will be there to ask for bribe. Net effect is that public of the country will be served better.

Another field where AI can be applied is healthcare. There is a perennial shortage of doctor and para medical staff in our country inhabited by 130 crore people. In the village in public health centres there are no doctors, in hospitals patients are overcrowded without enough doctors. People suffer mostly from common diseases, having same symptoms, requiring same medicine—based on these an algorithm can be developed, which may  produce a software for diagnose disease and prescribe medicine. Patients can be treated from the computer. This will reduce the required number of doctors. In fact, some application of AI is already there. A great benefit is that human errors also can be removed.

True, this will create unemployment, but one thing is sure citizens will get hassle free public service in an efficient manner, patients will be getting proper healthcare timely at least cost in a corruption free environment. If all these create unemployment, so be it.

This shift to AI in large scale will create increase of revenue income for the Govt, and with this Govt may ensure minimum universal basic income for our citizens through social security system. And the time saved from repetitive boring work, our people will live a quality life with quality rest. Therefore, it is advisable that artificial intelligence may be introduced in a wide scale. America and china are already using AI in offices and industries, when India also begin using it India will be competitive to them which India has not been so far.


People resent growing old. I also resent, but in my particular case, mostly it is restricted to loss of my front teeth, loss of teeth gives one an ugly look which I really resent but having no way out I reconcile to the loss. Other wear and tear of age I have accepted, and do not resent. My hairs are mostly grey, I sport it proudly as I consider this as a mark of wisdom. My skin at this age of 67 has become loose, and soon it will be sagging, but still it is OK with me. Last 10 years I am everybody’s uncle on the road, and people generally respect me as a senior in age should generally command from around. In trains and buses in Mumbai, people offer me their seats in deference of my age. All in all my aging does not dipress me except that loss of my front row of teeth. True, I have artificial teeth to fill the empty gateway in my mouth but often I forget to put those on. Overall, there is a dryness in my look, contrasted with the flowing glamor that I used to have in my young age. This also depress me a bit. Most of the loss that I have just mentioned here is compensated by my habit of reading, internet surfing, endless capacity of talking to friends and writing my blog. Most of the time my sparkling pleasures that I get, supersedes any blues that occur to me due to the losses in looks in this old age.

None the less, there is a feeling of loss due to the weakening of the functional parts of the body due to aging. One after other organs of the body is weakening. The loss is gradual, but irreversible. First physical loss was impairment of  eye-sight which  I had at  the age of 17 , before my final school leaving exam. At that time I could not see distant objects clearly– those appeared to me as blurred pictures.  Exactly when this impairment of sight started, I did not have any consciousness of it. My father took  me to a wayside spectacle seller of those days, who with his  box-full of lenses, tested my eyes and sold a specks fitted with a power which in his judgement was OK or  with what was the available best in his boxes. May be this gentlemen was only a technician, but for me he was a doctor. Initially, with the specks on, things would look glistening velvet- like, but with passage of time my eyes got adjusted to my glass. However, with the passage of time, my specks became a part of my body, silently it became as one additional limb in my system. To some people, having a specks on, gave an intellectual look, and I started enjoying that elevated status  in my close friend circle. I did not have any sense of loss.

Things were moving well without any sense of physical loss, until one day, a downgrader invaded me, my blood pressure began to be high. So far I was used to periodically swallowing one or two entroquinal or saridon tablets to beat the occasional stomach upset or headache or tit-bits like these which never created any major and lasting  problem for me.  Till then the  local pharmacist for all  practical purposes, was my doctor, and I required nothing beyond.

This happiness did not last long, local doctor diagnosed me as suffering from high blood pressure, and prescribed medicine for my daily intake. At that time I was 48 years old, it was the first shock to me that I was no longer a normal healthy person. Henceforth, I would have  to take medicine daily, I could not accept it. This struck me as a disability. I would often be depressed. It took me six months to reconcile to this permanent loss of health. Around this time pathological tests revealed that my cholesterol level was also high, so one more tablet to swallow. My spirit went down further. So, thus far, I had to take daily three tablet—one for blood thinner, one for blood pressure, the third for cholesterol. Till now no major food restriction.

This amount of regular medicine took me through till 63 years of age. At around this time a new kind of disease trying to have its clutch on me. Soon I would not find energy to do my daily work, and would remain exhausted throughout the day. Soon doctor diagnosed me as a diabetic, and put me under further dose of medicine. Now my tally of impairment is high blood pressure, cholesterol, and the fresh addition is diabetic. From now on I started feeling the real loss. Swallowing medicine in correct time daily has become a must, add to this food restriction.  First casualty was rasogolla. Sweeets have been favourite to me from early childhood; with diabetes I had to stop taking sweets altogether. Intake of Chapattis, rice also had to be drastically reduced. All these suddenly made me an old man. During my life I was always a smart young man, with abundant energy, willing to take up any challenges. My energies would be appreciated by one and all. On top of it I was loved by relatives and friends alike. Therefore, my spirits used to be always high, but with diabetes, I started feeling a great loss, an addition of disability. Now a basket of medicine is always my companion, I can ignore food but ignoring medicine I can never think of. Sometimes innocent uncomfortable thoughts, memory of wrong decisions from past life come up which  I cannot get rid of.

I talk to my mind always. I understand nobody has control over one’s body and diseases which afflicts it. I am now 67, there are people at 72, 75 or 89……… they are pulling on well, then why not me? My ancestors lived till ninety years. Such thinking rejuvenates me and helps me to reconcile whenever I am down, then I am filled with energy to start afresh.

I have found reading helps me. I have a habit of reading from Books borrowed from British Library or from online books in the internet. Started listening recorded lectures of OSHO on upanishads. I find OSHO a great charger, he refills me with abundant energy to understand life and the society. I become strong from within. OSHO is a highly misunderstood man, but is the only man who helps me to see the real truth in this stage of life.  I have many other interests in life. I have some knowledge of  PHOTOSHOP. With the knowledge of photo shop I design photos for publishing photos in my blog. I have some knowledge in music technology where I can play with music tracks with various  mixing of tracks. I do not claim that I have professional knowledge in this fields, but still those amateurish knowledge fills me with pleasure.  ALL THESE TO SOME EXTENT COMPENSATES MY LOSS OF LOOKS DUE TO LOSS OF TEETH.

Stop hating politics, instead encourage our children join politics.

Most of us except a few, hate politics yet we have endless expectations from our politicians. But we want they care for our education, health, Housing, law and order, and solve any social problems that we face. Whenever Politicians as minister in the Govt, fail to satisfy us, we use choicest expletives against them.

As of now our prime minister, Modi, is blamed for demonetization, GST, terrorism and many others. Before this, earlier Govts  were also blamed for 2G scam, coal scam and Bofors, it is almost sure that latter Govts also will be blamed in the same way. Yes, it is true that Govts are responsible for any action under the sun but who makes this Govt? Govt is formed by the politicians from amongst us whom we elect. Politicians have their own ideals and thoughts which combine to form a philosophy, to set the direction for making policy, and later, its implementation. Thus directly we voters and common citizens are responsible for the actions of the Govt. Then why do we blame the Govt?

It’s true that voters normally do not have a choice, they vote for the available best, and in most of the cases right person is not available because they are not in politics. There is dearth of right candidates in the fray most of the time because when our children join politics, we think that they have gone astray, never think that these are the people who make policies/ procedure  to defend the country from enemies, give healthcare to the people, makes foreign policies etc etc all of which have far reaching consequences in determining every citizen’s life. This is height of stupidity which we must change. But what we see around? as good people do not go to politics, bad people fill the vacuum. A sizeable percentage of our political leaders are from gutter, they are illiterate and have criminal background. Naturally, with their background, they hardly understand good things in life, their actions are all negative.

But we can very easily change our political environment and the performance of our Govt , by inviting good people into politics. There are many bright students coming out from IITs, IISc , and many other leading institutes. They are working with reputation in reputed educational institutes and multinational firms all over the world. They may instead join politics of the country, become ministers to work for the welfare of countrymen.

In above context, my mind turns to  Bertolt Brecht , an artist , play right and philosopher. He said “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions.

The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.”
― Bertolt Brecht

The trend has to be changed. Govt may think to introduce professional courses of duration 5/10 years like our medical, engineering , law  courses with very high income potential. Our bright students will see these new courses as the mother of all professional courses. Only then, we shall get the most talented students  to become politician and come in the Govt. I can quote some fitting examples to show that when right talent goes into politics, how things changes. Our ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was a highly talented person, ruled India with a strong hand, and liberated Bangladesh. Singapore was a marshy little known place. After its independence in 1965, Lee Kuan Yew was the prime minister, and he was a highly educated disciplined man. With a strong hand he ruled Singapore to make it a highly developed industrialised country by employing his talent. Winston Churchill was a highly educated and talented man, by taking recourse to his talent he saved England from losing to Germany during second world war. There are numerous examples. It is high time that we encouraged our children to respect politics as a profession, and join it to give us better administration.

Young man joining politics, will make a complete man. Politics will teach the young ones in their most formative part of life, about our society and its problems, and what solutions are required. They can feel every cell of the society through interacting with common people. All these are real ingredients to make a perfect leader. A man who has passed through every stages of life starting with youth, will make a powerful  honest political leader to lead the country.

Country is in a bad state. At the moment there is no minimum educational qualification for our MLAs and MPs, naturally, people rejected from or failed at other professions, join politics, soon they make access to form Govt and rule us. They rule as per their capacity, being not mostly good students themselves, they rule us bad, because they are incapable to deliver better.  By changing our attitude to politics, we will have only good people in politics which will make the country a very developed one.




[ from Times of India] Indian man declares unclaimed 2000 sq km area in Africa his ‘ Kingdom ‘

Yeshika Budhwar| TNN | Updated: Nov 15, 2017, 07:07 IST


  • Suyash Dixit has proclaimed himself “king” of world’s largest unclaimed habitable territory.
  • His online petition to the United Nations seeking recognition of his claim has found 800 supporters, and counting.
  • Dixit has designed a flag for the ‘Kingdom of Dixit’.

Dixit has even designed a flag for the 'Kingdom of Dixit', and planted it at Bir Tawil.Dixit has even designed a flag for the ‘Kingdom of Dixit’, and planted it at Bir Tawil.

DEHRADUN: Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old businessman from Indore, has proclaimed himself “king” of a 2,000 sq km area between Egypt and Sudan, which is the largest unclaimed habitable territory in the world. What is more, his online petition to the United Nations seeking recognition of his claim has found 800 supporters, and counting.

Dixit, CEO of a tech firm, was travelling to Cairo for a software developers’ conference at the beginning of November when he read about Bir Tawil, a large stretch of territory between the two countries. Because of a complicated colonial-era border demarcation history, the swathe, which has no permanent residents, is both arid and remote. It has therefore not been claimed by either country since 1902. This has led to several adventurers and explorers staking ownership of it, although international recognition for such claims has not been forthcoming.

“While in Cairo, I decided to travel to the place. I took a connecting flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel on November 4 after the conference, and travelled in a rented car for six hours through the desert to reach Bir Tawil. There is no road, but it was not a difficult trip, although I was afraid of being abducted by terrorists. There, I realized nobody was bothered about it, so I decided to claim it for myself. I planted sunflower seeds there, which is a traditional way to claim ownership of land,” Dixit, who returned home on November 9, told TOI on Tuesday.

Dixit has even designed a flag for the ‘Kingdom of Dixit’, and planted it at Bir Tawil. “After returning, I wrote an online petition to the UN informing them about my claim, and requesting recognition, although I am not very optimistic that they will reply. However, in just a day’s time, I have received support from more than 800 people for my claim, so it might just happen,” he said.

As far as his family is concerned, Dixit said while his brother supported his idea, his parents were “furious” at first after he told them of his claim. “However, it did not last long as I made my father the president of the kingdom. Now everybody in my family is following the petition’s progress and coverage of it online. I will try to secure more support on social media platforms,” he added.